Magma Xantikas
Nicknames: Magma Xanti, M. Xantikas
Titles: Lava Monster
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Xantikas that inhabits lava pools in volcanoes or in the Lava Landscape. It uses the lava it stores in lava sacs to attack opponents. Ambushes prey from beneath lava stone.
Species: Carapaceon
Habitats: Hot areas with lava like the Lava Landscape
Other monsters in Relation: Magma Partokas, Xantikas, Partokas
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Lance throw
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Magma Xantikas looks like its juvenile form, the Magma Partokas but is much bigger. The black patterns on the orange back are very complex. The pitch black lance has some barbs which it uses to hold an enemy and throw him away. The lance is longer than the one of the Common Xantikas. The massive claw is orange. Some lava stones are attached to its back what gives the Carapaceon better camouflage when it digs itself in. The strong front legs are shielded.


Average: 920,88 cm

Biggest size measured: 1297,56 cm


Magma Xantikas inhabits hot environments veined with lava lakes and streams where it can hide by digging into lava stone or bathing for short times in lava. In the Volcano and the Equatorial Lava Fields these conditions are given.


  • The weakness is dragon, then water.
  • In Rage Mode the patterns grow larger on its body and the lance barbs draw out further.
  • When exhausted it fails using the lava bombs.
  • Magma Xantikas attacks with lava it stores in lava sacs.
    • When it was in the lava the lance is covered in lava for some time what adds the fire element to lance attacks.
  • When the shields are broken it often falls when the legs are damaged further.
  • Like the Xantikas the Carapaceon feeds of smaller monsters like Neopterons and Wroggis it ambushes from beneath.
  • Magma Xantikas also has a type of cryptobiosis. After the Volcano or volcanoes around the Lava Landscape erupt and lose all of their magma leaving lava pools and streams "dried out" it burrows itself inside the lava stone and waits until the lava get restored what can take several months up to years.
  • Unlike the common Xantikas, this orange subspecies forms nest-like buildings by thrusting its lance into lava stone formations and lay their eggs in the emerged holes. Still they are as bad parents as their cousins.
  • The barbs are different from the ones of the other subspecies and it uses them to open bigger wounds with them.
  • Breakable parts are the carapace (twice), the lance (twice), the claw and the leg shields (each). The carapace can only be broken by an impact weapon.
    • When the carapace is broken twice its weak spot is accessable for attacks.


  1. Lance thrust
  2. Lance swipe
  3. Claw slash
  4. Claw smash (causes quakes)
  5. Burrow and attack from beneath
  6. Lava beam
  7. Lava bombs
  8. Lava stone toss (earthblight)
  9. Throw away the opponent with the lance (the barbs hold the target before)


Magma Xantikas Shell, Magma Xantikas Armor (only when broken twice), Magma Xantikas Claw (when broken), Magma Xantikas Lance (only when broken), Magma Xantikas Leg, Magma Xantikas Mandibles, Magma Xantikas Leg Shield (only when broken), Lava Sac

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