Magma Partokas
Nicknames: Magma Parto, M. Partokas
Titles: Lava Stone Dweller
Other Info
Description: Juvenile Carapaceon subspecies of Partokas that feeds of small Neopterons. Magma Partokas like lava baths but can't endure it very long so they are seen more often on land. Can spit lava through specially build lava sacs.
Species: Carapaceon
Habitats: Areas with lava pools like the Equatorial Lava Fields
Other monsters in Relation: Magma Xantikas, Partokas, Xantikas
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Lance thrust
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It has orange shells with some black patterns on them. The orange offers camouflage in the lava it hides it while the black patterns help blurring in to the black lavastone on land. Magma Partokas looks very similar to its cousin but has a longer, pitchblack lance even though it is altogether a bit smaller. The sharp claw is carmine red.


Average: 468,41 cm

Biggest size measured: 724,55 cm


Magma Partokas inhabits hot environments with lava lakes which are found in the Volcano and the Lava Landscape.


  • The weakness is dragon, then water.
  • In Rage Mode the patterns grow larger on its body.
  • When exhausted it falls over when attacking with the side claw slash.
  • It uses fire and lava attacks to protect itself.
  • The Carapaceon feeds of small Neopterons like Bnahabra.
  • Like its cousin Magma Partokas likes to hide itself but in lava though it cannot stay for too long in the hot melted rocks, so it comes from time to time on stable ground.
    • When covered in lava fast growing lava algea often cling onto its carapace. Also lava stones build up on it, disturbing ones get removed. Again this can be especially seen on the adult monster, the Magma Xantikas.
  • Similar to the normal Partokas the patterns are different at each individual.
  • Magma Xantikas lay their eggs in throughs males built with their claws.
    • Females are led to the holes and if they find them accurate and lay the eggs in. The males protect the nests until the eggs hatch and then let them go their way alone.
  • Breakable parts are the carapace, the lance and the claw. The carapace can only be broken with an impact weapon.
    • When the carapace is broken, attacks can reach Partokas' weak spot.


  1. Lance thrust
  2. Claw attack
  3. Burrowing and attacking from beneath
  4. Lava beam
  5. Lava bombs
  6. Lava stone toss (earthblight)


Magma Partokas Shell, Magma Partokas Armor (when back broken), Magma Partokas Claw (when broken), Magma Partokas Lance (only when broken), Magma Partokas Leg, Magma Partokas Mandibles, Lava Sac

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