Shizu village
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A distant village far away in an island east of from Moga is being struck by dire crisis-Shizu Village. The village was once a bustling village well populated and joyful. Now it's population decreased dramatically from a strange wyvern. This wyvern is not classified in any category of monster . It isn't even named . It's been devouring citizens every year . The village sacrifices one citizen in order to postpone mass destruction .Meanwhile after coming from slaying an Ivory of Moga woods ,Shiro Hi travels off to Tanzia . On they way he encounters Shizu Village and decides to stop there for a rest-not knowinng the calamity the villlage's been. Shiro's long journey has made him weak and lose some of his hunting skills
Shiro Hi

Main Character - Shiro Hi Age : 25

. Shizu Village are desperate for a hero. Shiro came just in time.

Chief's Daughter : Father,we can't just feed people to that monster every year! Thats inhumane!

Village Chief : I know thats a tough decision but dear, thats our only option .

Chief's Daughter : I can't believe you! Can't we use our Cgaurds to fight the beast? * looks up* Oh someone please save us !

Village Chief: I mean sure a hunter will come to save us from our situation but dear please bear with us .

Shiro walks towards towards the broken gate of Shizu Village. Carrying a stick to aid him in walking. The long journey from Moga to Tanzia Made him tired and hungry. Seeing the village gave him the opportinutiy to rest for a while. But he didn't know he was going to save the village too.

Gaurd : Chief! theres a man coming towards the village gates !

Village Chief : Does he looks like a hunter of some sort?

Gaurd : Yes sir! but he seems to be injured since hes carrying a walking stick.

Village Chief : Bring him in, we still have hope.

Shiro enters and looks around to see worried faces . He turns around and finds a tall old man and young woman behind walking towards him.The old man greets Shiro,

Village Chief : Welcome my boy!

Shiro : Oi!

Chief's Daughter: *whispers to her father's ear* You sure he could save us ? He looks too young !

Village Chief: *Laughs* I was his age when i began hunting. *Turns to Shiro* My boy we need your help. You see, you don't have many hunters around and we've been attacked yearly by a strange beast.

Chief's Daughter : This decimated our once great population and now we must sacfri-

Village Chief : *Covers daughters mouth* would you please help us lad?

Shiro :Sure! but its been awhile sinced i lasted hunted anything so im going to need some training and * stomach grumbles* I'm really hungry * smiles* and need to rest.

Village Chief :Alright my boy! rest and tommorow talk to our quest receptionist .

  • End*

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