Monster hunter legacy intro to the characters
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Monster hunter legacy intro to the characters
Author/s: Gojira57
First Debut: 1/10/13
Number of Chapters: as many as there needs to be, as new mainstream characters will appear in each episode
Current Status: 1st story will be under construction.
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Aqua: a young girl who became a hunter after her parents were killed by the black deviljho Malevolence. She prefers not to talk about her past, and seems a bit unsociable, but deep inside, she is very lonely. If her family honor and/or past is mocked in anyway, however, she will get more than defensive about it. She carries her father's Longsword, The thunderclap.

Squall: A hunter who alsways wears a hellhunter jacket, and carries his greatsword with him all the time. He may seem cold and acts like a jerk, but he is, deep inside, rather lonely, and yearns for friends, and is actually a nice guy. Too bad he wants to keep others from knowing this.

Aeris: A young man who wields a sword and shield set, and wears Ingot armor. He suffered memory loss after he got hit by a fellow hunter's hammer, but he does not seem worried by it.

Serabi: a young woman who wears Barroth armor, and wields a gunlance. She does not feel like she has to speak more than she needs to, which can make suprising "one word" responses, depending on the subject. Serabi is friends with Aeris.

Malevolence: a black deviljho who was the sole reason that Aqua's parents were killed. She is not like any other deviljho, as there is a hint of intelligence in those demonic blood red eyes of hers......

Monsters in this fan fic so far (while story is being written)

Black Deviljho(1st debut), Lycan(1rst debut), Alpha Lycan(1rst debut), Tigrex (mentioned), Nibelsnarf, Delex


Revalius region (1st debut)


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