MC27-New Monster Class: Bear Wyverns
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Creator: MC27

Bear Wyverns are a strange, Fanged Wyvern like species of wyvern found practically everywhere.



It is currently unknown what they truly came from. Some say it was a strange mix of Fanged Beasts and Fanged Wyverns that grew traits of both. They took after Arzuros and Lagombi, and grew to be primarily bipedal and have a love for things that didn't require huge amounts of trouble to eat, such as fish, small herbivores, and honey. Some, such as Rirrion, even grew a taste for the strangest things like bones, soft minerals, insects, and shells. There are also a few herbivorous ones, such as Grizlevri and Leephoth.

Ecological Niche

These creatures primarily inhabit lowlands and forests, owing to their arms and legs developed for jumping, running, and climbing small trees. Their weight is another reason they avoid mountains; if they were to fall, it would definitely mean their death.

A vital part to the ecosystems they are a part of, they can consume large amounts of almost over populating schools of fish, huge herds of small herbivores, and they are able to mow down large and small plants and provide habitat for small creatures in the process. Though they harbor no fear towards anything, it is due to the fact that it has very few predators; they are such an unobtrusive and meek species that few bother with them, being unable to surprise them or get them down, typically.

Biological Adaptations

Attacks Shared

Monsters in this Species

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