Nicknames: Wolfs, Howlers
Titles: wolf pack
Other Info
Description: Small wolf like Fanged Wyverns that live in all area's of the Binary Solum. The most common pack hunter in Binary Solum but also the weakest.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: The Great Chasm, Bonechill Mountains, Solum Grasslands.
Other monsters in Relation: Zinogre
Elements: None
Ailments: Bleeding
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: lunge bite
Creator: Nrex117


A small more light weight relative to Zinogre, it has a very canine shaped body and is covered in course cyan colored fur with its front legs covered in tiny mosaic scales its legs are directly under its body as opposed to sprawling out like its larger cousin, its skull is very gorgonopsid like with large fox like ears. they have similar front paws to that of Zinogre although smaller and more slender.


They are pack hunters and group up to take down larger prey like Zolo'Hacs and even small Cerablos but they don't really tackle prey much larger then that unless lead by an alpha.

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