Lord Shukros
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The Lord Shukros is the Adult alpha male/female of the Shukros pack.  They resemble oversized black wolves with a disturbing skull like head, with black eyes that have green pupils, similar to their younger variants, although the main difference, other than their size, is their large, dagger like teeth. They live in the Graveyard Forest.


Low rank

  • Lord Shukros skull
  • Lord Shukros fang
  • Lord Shukros hide
  • Shukros eye
  • Dagger fang

High rank

  • Lord Shukros skull
  • Lord Shukros Fang+
  • Lord Shukros hide+
  • Shukros eye
  • Dagger fang +


  • Lord Shukros Skull
  • Lord Shukros fang U
  • Lord Shukros hide U
  • Shukros eye
  • Dagger Fang U


  • Lord Shukros skull
  • Lord Shukros Fang X
  • Lord Shukros hide X
  • Shukros eye
  • Dagger Fang X


  • when low on stamina, it will eat from a carcass, or more commonly, kill an herbivore and then eat it.
  • When it's minions have been slain, it will call more by howling.
  • When enraged, it's pupils turn red.
  • When weak, it will limp to another area
  • The Fangs can be broken.


  • Graveyard Forest

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