Nicknames: Liro
Titles: Sandstorm Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A Neopteron that lives in the deserts. Its home are sandstorms and Liroteron paralyzes foes and prey to kill or repel them. It uses the sandstorms to stay unseen and ambush its target.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Sandy areas like Desert Oasis
Other monsters in Relation: Lirota, Snow Lirota, Snow Liroteron
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, 25px
Weaknesses: StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, then 25px
Signature move: Rotation attack
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It looks like the adult form of the ant lion. It has a long, sandcolored body and a sting at the end of it. Its transparent wings have some green patterns on it and are very close to its head so it can use its lower body more freely. It has only claws on the pair of legs closest to the head with the other legs it stands when it regains stamina.


Average: 1248,02 cm

Biggest size measured: 1614,66 cm


Liroteron inhabits sandy areas normally around lakes like the Desert Oasis but also the Sandy Plains and the Old Desert.


  • The weakness is thunder, then ice.
  • In Rage Mode Liroteron's wings are turning transparent green and it huffs steam.
  • When exhausted it descends to the ground or on plants to recover.
  • It's the adult version of the Lirota.
  • The sand gets whirled up by its wing flaps so that Liroteron is always surrounded by a sandstorm when it flies.
  • The Neopteron inflicts the paralyzing effect through using its sting, mouth parts and claws. It can also spit a paralyzing fluid.
  • Signature move is an attack in which it rotates to cause wind while approaching the position the target last stood to cut it with the wings and tail.
  • It feeds of other Neopterons and small monsters.
  • In the mating season they are seen flying over the lake of the Desert Oasis and dancing. It's a rare and beautiful spectacle only seen by some hunters. After they successfully mated the males die and the females lay the eggs into blades of grass on the shore of the lake. After that the females pass away, too.
  • Breakable parts are the eye, the wings, the claws, the mouth parts and the tail can be severed (can be carved once).


  1. Spit paralyzing fluid
  2. Scrath
  3. Bite
  4. Sting attack
  5. Rotation attack
  6. Pin attack (goes back and charges at its target to bite chunks out of it)


Chitin Armor (from every boss Neopteron), Compound Eye (from every boss Neopteron, when broken), Liroteron Claw (when broken), Liroteron Mandible (only when broken), Liroteron Wing (when broken), Liroteron Sting (carved from the tail), Liroteron Fluid, Liroteron Antenna, Liroteron Leg

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