The Lindwyrms are a class of Monsters first appearing in Monster Hunter EX . They are not are not elder dragons, nor are they wyverns, but a reptillian class of their own, although they share similarities with elder dragons

They are often serpentine in shape, often have functioning legs, and they do have wings, although most  species have vestigial ones, mostly using their legs for their locomotion needs.

They often live underground, although there are those that live in water and other areas.


  • Scalera
  • Lapis Scalera
  • Onyx Scalera
  • Talonwyrm

Evolutionary history

Their Evolutionary history is somewhat of a mystery, since they were only recently discovered, but it is possible that they are related to Elder Dragons, even though they are somewhat primitive compared to the Elder Dragons.


  • Based on the "Lindwyrms" of Northern european mythology.

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