Lilac Nibelsnarf
Nicknames: L. Snarf
Titles: Purple Sand Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Nibelsnarf with Sleep abilities
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Sandy Plains
Other monsters in Relation: Nibelsnarf
Elements: None
Ailments: Sleep
Weaknesses: Fire on Head
Signature move: Sleep Bite, Sleep Spray
Creator: Imrik37
 Lilac Nibelsnarf is a violet-colored subspecies of Nibelsnarf first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. It has a special organ that allows it to grants its attacks the ability to put even larger monsters than itself to sleep.


"A monster only discovered recently, the Lilac Nibelsnarf can imbue its bite with a strange liquid that causes those hit to fall into a deep slumber. The organ that causes this is located in its gills."

Lilac Nibelsnarf is feared by hunters for its wide variety of Sleep ailment attacks. Its bite, sand beam, sand spray and tail spin all cause this effect without the appropriate negation skills. As well as this, it also gains a new attack when enraged, it can swiftly propell itself backwards with a quick sand beam.


  • Its head, gills and claws can all be broken.
  • Breaking the gills lowers the duration of its Sleep affects.
  • Lilac Nibelsnarf has since been removed from the game.

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