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The Leocougria (Leo Tonitrus) is the female counterpart of the Leocougrius. They usually attack in groups. They also do most of the hunting, which is why they are seen more often than their male counterpart. Their tail tufts surge with thunder, although they harness much less electricty than the Leocougrius. They can also walk in rainy weather unlike the Leocougrius.

They are minion monsters, and they can be seen attacking Gargwa, Aptonoth, and other herbivores.


Claw Swipe- The Leocougria swipes her claws at the hunter, dealing low damage.

Bite- The Leocougria bites the hunter, dealing low damage.

Pounce- The Leocougria jumps at the hunter, dealing low to moderate damage.

Charge- The Leocougria runs at the hunter, knocking them over and dealing low damage.


Carve Item Percentage
Leo Fang 25%
Leo Pelt 25%
Leo Fang 25%
Leo Claw 25%


Kingdom: Animals

Phylum: Vertebrates

Class: Mammals

Order: Pelagus

Family: Felines

Genus/Species: Leo tonitrus


These Pelagi will hunt for their pride leader. They have been spotted in large groups taking down large monsters such as Qurupeco, Yian Kut Ku, and even the powerful Espinas. The Leocougria can deal some devastating damage when in large numbers. They also are known for disturbing farmers' livestock and attacking locals. Hunters of the lower-rank are usually sent to take care of them in such occasions.

The Leocougria like to eat Kelbi, Aptonoth, Mosswines, and most other easy-to-take-down herbivores. They will, from time to time, bring down larger monsters like wyverns in order to feed the entire pride.

They are more common than their male counterparts and are Crepuscular (come out during the night and day), while the Leocougrius is diurnal (comes out only during the day).

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