Nicknames: Lems
Titles: none
Other Info
Description: small lemur like pelagus/fanged beasts that inhabit the scatterd islands and are invasive species in the flooded forests
Species: Pelagus

Fanged Beasts

Habitats: scatterd islands, flooded forests (invasive species)
Other monsters in Relation: conga, blonga, kechawacha
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: Fire, Thunder
Signature move: None
Creator: Nrex117


a small lemur like pelagus/fanged beast that is a native species to the scatterd islands. They are near the bottom of the food chain and are preyed opon by most predators including but not limited to Sea Romobras, Hermitaurs, Vespiods, and Ludroths.

The most adaptable of the species Lemohray delta is a invasive species in the flooded forests and are thriving due to the lack of natural predators.


They mainly consume Fruits, Berrys, and nuts but will eat small neopterons and eggs.


There are four species of lemohray's.

L. islandus, L. canopus, L. groundus, and L. mountanus.

L. islandus is native to the scattered islands and is invasive to the flooded forests.

L. canopus is native to the great chasm.

L. groundus is native the black sand badlands and molten diamond mountain.

L. mountanus is native to the bonechill mountain.

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