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The Leetchyotch is a small, amphibious Annelidiark that lives in Xenos's moist areas, such as Rainforests, Swamps, near ponds, rivers, etc.

It is known for it's habit of draining it's prey of bodily fluids, like a leech or Giggi. As it drinks more blood, it gets larger, until it reaches a certain size, where it then gains the ability to spit a poisonous mucus at foes.

In game info

small annelidiarks that feed on blood. They will gain the ability to spit venomous mucus upon reaching a certain size. if you get a Leetchyotch latched on you, try rolling to get them off.


  • They are the larval forms of the Leetchyotitan.
  • It seems to gain the ability to roar when at a certain size. the roar requires only stanard earplugs to resist.
  • The eggs it comes out from can be destroyed.

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