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Extremely vicious creatures, lavalum have been known to demolish entire villages over night. Not even Deviljhos dare to challenge them.


A typical brute wyvern, Lavalum have degenerate forearms; however Instead of being fully bipedal, they drag their chests on the ground, supporting their weight on their stomach and tail. Black scutes cover their backs, from which brilliant blue spines grow. At will Lavalum is able to fling off these spines which explode quickly and inflict thunder blight. The maw of Lavalum is large and hosts a battery of blue teeth. It's bite is also imbued with the thunder element. Lavalum's tail ends in a bony bowl like structure. This contains glowing blue slime, which when flung also causes,(believe it or not) Thunder blight.

Attacks and Behavior

It is unclear how Lavalum harnesses the thunder element. One speculation is that it generates streams of energy in it's blood, this is most reasonable, since Lavalum has been known to paralyze itself when fatigued. Lavalum will never stay in one area for long. It has an even greater hunger than that of deviljho and will tirelessly roam the map in search of prey. Perhaps because of it's insatiable appetite, Lavalum is extremely aggressive, and will attack hunters without hesitation. Lavalum's attacks include a tail slam where it raises it's tail into the air and smashes it down firmly, a 180 degree tail swipe, and a forward lunge in which it charges and attempts to bite it's adversary. Like barroth it will occasionally perform a body shake, but instead of flinging mud it projects some of it's dorsal spines onto the ground, which, eventually explode and create blue sparks. All of it's tail attacks will produce blue slime, which sticks onto hunters and explode into thunder clouds. After being broken it's tail will continuously leak blue fluid, and all of Lavalum's movements will create the blue slime effect. When enraged Lavalum's tail armor will open revealing it's naked blue flesh. Although it is possible to deal great damage to it in this state, hunters should be wary of a shock aura attack, which inflicts instant death to anyone who stands too close to it's tail.

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