Final Lobster
Nicknames: Lakra, Laky.
Titles: Poison Lobster of Darkness
Other Info
Description: A large Carapaceon with a jet black shell which enjoys the deserts heat.
Species: Carapaceon
Habitats: Desert
Other monsters in Relation: Daimyo hermitaur, Kragon, Shogun Ceanataur
Elements: x
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 18px/18px
Signature move: Pincer pin attack.
Creator: Azo369 for Setheo's Monster Hunter Project Gigas

The Lakragon is a large Carapaceon which show more similaritys to Lobsters other than crabs like Daimyo Hermitaur, It lives mostly on land as it has become much more used to it because of its habitat of the desert where there is only little water supply in caves, the Lakragon's head is heavily armoured with tough shelling and is Black in coloration, its antennaes on its head are stuck up intstead of being loose and dangling by its face, it has six legs, all with small claws in a circular shape on the bottom of the feet so it can grip onto walls during battle, it also uses this skill to outsmart prey or enemy monsters such as Gendrome, or another Carapaceon, It has large pincers for gripping tightly onto attackers and these claws are very heavily armoured, even causing weapons with Cyan sharpness to bounce of the armour as it is first fought at S rank, Its pincers are large and scarred from battle, it has small spikes in between the pincers to stab into prey, its prey is apceros as the other Carapaceon eats its food, not much is left for Lakragon to eat so it became a carnivore to survive, the Lakragon is so large that it has grown to the size of a fully grown Diablos, but since Diablos tends to eat cactus flowers, there is no rivalry with them. Its mouth has grown many long thin teeth to shred its prey to pieces, it uses the pincers to crack an Apceros shell and then eats what is inside. The shelling is thick on the back and it has long thin spikes going all down its back, its tail is wide and flat like a normal lobsters but is heavy and any hunter to sneak up on this beast will be crushed by the heavy tail.  It can shoot poisonous mist from its mouth to inflict poison and it uses a large sand tornado similar to a Nibelsnarf's when it eats sand from the ground. During its enraged state a piece of shell below its chin will rise up (like a jaw)and cover the Lakragon's head like a helmet. So for the duration of his rage he will be optically blind, so he uses his antennae to sense his environment.

Monster Hunter Project Gigas
The Lakragon is a dangerous Carapaceon that lives in the desert, mainly dangerous for its ability to spit poison at its enemies, it tends to eat Apceros meat but it fights with other large monsters such as Gendrome or other Carapaceons, when enraged an odd jaw like helmet raises up over its head for protection against enemies.

Breakable parts

Pincers x2

Head armour in rage mode only

Tail damge only not sever

Also special thanks to The Gold Guild Knight for giving me the idea to make a lobster style monster, if it weren't for him i wouldn't have made this monster.

Also another special thanks to Setheo for drawing the amazing picture of the Lakragon itself.

Azo369 (talk) 21:34, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

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