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Species: Snake Wyvern
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The Kuranda (Constrictor viridis) is the juvenile form of the Kurandaorma. These Serpents live in swamps and rainforests, where they are often considered as a pest by local villages, as they are known to kill off young livestock. They are aggressive, and will attack in groups. The teeth behind their fangs and on their lower jaw are made to rip off hunks of flesh, which they then swallow whole. They seem to be similar to the constrictors of the Amazon.

Kuranda are minion monsters, and will follow their leader and adult form, Kurandaorma. They are about the same size as a Ludroth and share a few of the same attacks as the Kurandaorma.


Bite- The Kuranda strikes at the hunter with its jaws, dealing low damage.

Leaping Bite- The Kuranda coils its body, before it springs at the hunter, biting at them in midair, dealing low damage.

Slither- The Kuranda slithers at the hunter, dealing low damage.

Tail Whip- The Kuranda swings its tail to the left or right, tripping the hunter and dealing low damage.


Carve Item Percentage

Kuranda Skin

The hide of a Kuranda. Used for decoration or making belts.


Kuranda Scale

A Kuranda scale. It shines when held into the light.


Kuranda Fang

The sharp fang of a Kuranda. Designed for holding onto prey.


Kuranda Head

A head carved from a Kuranda. It seems to hypnotize anyone who looks into its eyes.



Kuranda, unlike most if not all other Serpents, are group hunters, and will attack prey in numbers. They will only do this to something that is large, like a human, or an Aptonoth. Mosswines and Kelbi can be killed by single Kuranda.

Kuranda go on their own after they are 6 months old. They are about the size of a Felyne then, but can still defend themselves. After another 6 months, they reach a larger size, not much bigger than a Jaggi. A few more months later, they reach the size of a Ludroth, which is when they are the most dangerous in their juvenile stage. However, they can grow into a Kurandaorma after 3 years, where they are close to the size of a small Yian Kut-Ku.


  • Kurandas can be called by both Kurandaorma or Qurupeco. If called by Kurandaorma, they will follow it until they are slain. Up to 6 Kuranda can follow a Kurandaorma at a time.
  • Like Jaggi, Kurandas will occasionally attack large monsters in the area, minus Kurandaorma.
  • Like other Serpents, Kuranda has Leviathan-like movements when it slithers.
  • Kurandas are weak to fire, and like Jaggi, if they are hit with a torch, they will flee.
  • After hatching, Kurandas are yellow or red. They gain their green scale color after a few months.

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