He's a really good artist and I have been watching him for a while. Now I asked If we (The wiki) could use his artworks for some of our Projects and Ideas and he agreed. Everyone is free to help with this Page as long as you don't mess up the codings and other stuff. For every Monster creation we create a single new page pretty much like Demo's Creature List or mine.

Example: Tirios_Lacruna

Only think we have to do is give him full credits and respect his Ideas and not to solo minded with his Ideas. if you have questions about his artworks go and ask him personally. He's very kind so it shouldn't be a problem ~

Here is the Link to his Deviantart Account: KitWhitham And now have fun ~ Setheo

KitWhitham Creature List

Using Artworks with Permission

Name Class Title Element Weakness
 Charufe   Leviathan   Title  Element  Weakness
Bagan  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Gilkuza  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Destoroya  Carapaceon  Title  Element  Weakness
Manticore Fanged Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Hydurga  Fanged Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Gaarung  Brute Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Titanosaurus    Leviathan  Title  Element  Weakness
Incaedeus  Pseudowyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Arrcuda  Leviathan  Title  Element  Weakness
Athaza Pseudowyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
 [[Crotalaga]]  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 [[Great Draggi]]  Bird Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Gigan  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Deluvios  Elder Dragon  Title  Element  Weakness
Barbatus  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Andevora  Fanged Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Anguirus  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Baragon  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
Psephuros  Leviathan  Title  Element  Weakness
Are'bann  Fanged Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Kalcura  Bird Wyvern  Title  Element  Weakness
Golden Spring Dragon   Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 [[Slierus]] Class  Title  Element  Weakness
x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 x  Class  Title  Element  Weakness

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