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In Game info


  • Large Raptorial Bird Wyverns that were thought to be extinct until quite recently. It is also larger than most raptorial Bird Wyverns, and can still fly. It's Tail is used as a weapon, along with it's tooth filled beak.


Order:Saurischia -Suborder: Therepoda -Superfamily: Protoraptor Wyvern - Family: Keputosu

Keputosu is a Primitive Raptorial Bird wyvern that was the ancestor of all Raptorial Bird Wyverns.


Although it was once widespread, it is now confined to the Forgotten Island , Where many other Monsters that were thought to be extinct still thrive, and the Lost Jungle .

Ecological Niche

Although it is as large as a Yian Garuga, and has a similar build, It is at the middle of the food chain. They are often hunted by Sherureusu and Wyvern Rex, But they are predators themselves, as they are known to feed on Aptonoth, Bullfango, Kelbi, Kunchuu, and Giggi. Sometimes they will eat young wyverns that stray to far from their nests. They often compete with Yian kut ku, Yian Garuga, Qurupeco, Crismon Qurupeco, and Velocidrome and it's pack for food, although its likely that it can easily overwhelm a Velocidrome and it's pack with it's sheer power and ferocity. However, it is unlikely that they bother to fight Yian kut ku, Yian Garuga, Qurupeco or Crismon Qurupeco because of their abilities over elements that the Keputosu is weak to, namely Fire and Thunder.

Biological Adaptations

It's Brute power and Intelligence are it's main strengths, and it often Strikes at prey from above to take them by suprise. It is also able to make a Sonic roar, which does give it an edge against creatures with sensitive hearing, such as Yian kut ku. Although it prefers to hunt, it won't pass up a free meal like carrion. 


A fearsome predator, it is also highly territorial, as seen when a Velocidrome and it's pack was chased away by a Keputosu during it's introduction scene. It is also very aggressive towards humans, especially hunters. Rarely, two Keputosu are seen sharing the same territory, but these are mated pairs, who usually stick together to raise their chicks. Once the Chicks are off to finding their own territory, however,  the mated pair go their seperate ways, until the next breeding season.

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