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Low Rank

  • Keputosu Talon
  • Keputosu Wing claw (Break Wings)
  • Keputosu Beak
  • Keputosu Scale
  • Keputosu Hide
  • Keputosu Tail (Sever Tail)
  • Keputosu Crest (Break Crest)

High Rank

  • Keputosu Talon+
  • Keputosu Wing claw+ (Break Wings)
  • Keputasu Wings (Break Wings)
  • Keputosu Beak+
  • Keputosu Scale+
  • Keputosu Hide+
  • Keputosu Tail (Sever Tail)
  • Keputosu Crest+ (Break Crest)
  • Bird Wyvern Gem


  • Keputosu Sharp Talon
  • Keputosu Wing Sharp claw (Break Wings)
  • Keputosu Wing+ (Break Wings)
  • Keputosu Sharp Beak
  • Keputosu Hard Scale
  • Keputosu Piel
  • Keputosu Tail (Sever Tail)
  • Keputosu Imperial Crest (Break Crest)
  • Fey Wyvern Gem

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