Continent/s: Arnin-Hol

Country/Countries: Reenau

State/s: Leokandi (furthest north), Raißthon (south of Leokandi), Geitoma (south of Raißthon), Vharn (south of Geitoma) and Okalox (furthest south)


A huge massif, about 100 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide in the east of Reenau in the states Leokandi, Raißthon, Geitoma, Vharn and Okalox. In Kanhri are several hunting grounds like the Thunderstorm Valley, and the Gascuss Cave with the Dome of Descent, a culturally and ritually significant cave for the Fheni, a community of people living in several villages in the massif. Kanhri has great amounts of different ores and is because of that a popular mining spot.



Culture and Religion

Areas in Relation:

Gascuss CaveDome of DescentDark Hain

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