Title Barbed Furr Beast
Nicknames Kaly
Species Fanged Wyvern
Difficulty ★★★☆☆☆
Habitat Tundra | Frozen Sea | Deserted Island
Other Monster in Relation -
Weakness 18px/18px
Signature Move Ram attack | Spike Storm
Ailment 18px
Element 18px
Creator Setheo
x -
-| - | - | - | - | -

The Kalioth are Fanged Wyverns which inhabit areas such as the Misty Peaks and other woodland areas where it can reside. Because of its habitats, Zinogre could be a large threat to the Kalioth. The Kalioth hunts small prey such as Kelbi and Gargwa which is one of the main reasons the Zinogre is its enemy.

Kalioth have been seen working in pairs of 2 but it is unknown why, possibly because they are a couple like the Rathian and Rathalos or to protect themselves from a possible attack from another monster such as a Zinogre as then they would have more of a chance to survive an encounter with a Zinogre.

Kalioth's attacks consist of pouncing at the hunter using their long and sharp claws to damage the hunter greatly and even using their heads to ram the hunter by charging at them and then possibly ending in a pin attack where the hunter would have to struggle free. They are believed to be extremely dangerous in their pairs for a hunter as they can combo their attacks to make them an even greater threat causing problems for the hunter.

Breakable Parts

Head x2

Claws x2

Back x1


Sword & Shield: Lioth's Reckoning

Great Sword: Howling Ambush

Gunlance: Kalioth Bullet Spear

Hunting Horn: Kalioth Howler

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