Jurassic Deviljho
Nicknames: Jurassic jho
Titles: The Ancient Violent Wyvern
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Brute Wyvern
Habitats: Anywhere
Other monsters in Relation: Deviljho, Savage Deviljho
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight
Weaknesses: Dragon, then thunder
Signature move: x
Creator: Gojira57

The Jurassic Deviljho is an Apex Species of the Deviljho that lives in Monster Hunter EX. It looks like a Savage Deviljho in rage mode, save for the fact it's hide is more of a reddish color than a brown, and it's teeth are Jagged compared to the original. But when in true rage mode, It's eyes turn yellow, and it's hide turns black. It is encountered in G-rank onwards, albeit rarely. A Qurupeco, or Crismon Qurupeco can call this beast into the field in G or X-Rank quests.


  • There is an Event Quest in MH EX that requires the hunter to capture a Jurassic Deviljho. The hunter, if successful, is able to gain Jurassic emblems, an item needed to make the Extinction Event Great sword.
  • It is also required to hunt in order to get an item known as the Jurassic Tooth, needed to make the Jurassic Terrors Dual blade set
  • It can appear in late G-rank quests
  • An event quest requires the hunter(s) to hunt a Jurassic Deviljho to get "Fossil Tickets" to craft the Fossil daggers Dualblade set.
  • Another event quest requires the hunter(s) to capture a Jurassic Deviljho to gain "Devil's fangs" to craft a Devil's Jaw Greatsword.
  • Two Jurassic Deviljho are fought in the Event Quest: "Ancient Terrors Galore!"

In Game info

A Deviljho species that holds on to it's ancient roots. Not much is known about this beast, but reports say that it is even more fearsome than the normal variant.

Story Appearances

  • A Jurassic Deviljho may appear in the Monster Hunter Hurricurse series, but theres no gaurentee.


  • The idea came to Gojira57( the maker) when he read his books on paleontology, and then later, thinking of a deviljho more fearsome than it was originally. The original name was Mesozoic Deviljho, But the name Jurassic Deviljho stuck.