Nicknames: Jura
Titles: Swift Predator
Other Info
Description: Predatory Bird Wyverns found throughout the land. Their big brains and their ability to work together as a pack to organize an effective attack strategy on their foes and their prey alike, are the secrets to their success.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Forest and Hills, Jungle, Swamp, Deserted Island, Misty Peaks, Flooded Forest, Ancestral Steppe, Primeval Forest, Sunken Hollow, Open Woodland, Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Thali Ruins, Edge of Forest and Hills
Other monsters in Relation: Juradrome, Deinoprey, Rheoprey
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon
Signature move: Jumping Bite
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Juraprey (You-ra-prey)

Romaji: Yuposu

Juraprey, are Raptorial Bird Wyverns found across many parts of the world. The alpha males of their pack are known as Juradrome.


Juraprey have a slender build, and are about 2 - 3 metres in length, and 1 metre tall. They have dull green scales and black stripes that stretch horizontally across their bodies. They also have purple quills above their head. They have a long, slender snout with backwards - curving, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. Their most distinctive feature is a huge, curved talon on their second toe, which they use to cut the flesh of their prey.


Juraprey are always found in packs of 4 or more in a single area. They will protect their leader's territory by driving out trespassers or hunting food for him. When a Juradrome is in the area they are in, Juraprey will be very submissive, often positioning their tails between their legs and hiding their quills, which, when both the tail and quills are raised, is a sign of aggression. Juradromes however, are also very caring and protective of their Juraprey comrades, unlike the Rheodrome. Juraprey however, do not take this kindness for granted, and will still be very respectful to their leader. They also follow the Juradrome around the area and defend him from hunters ferociously. When their leader is killed, they will not flee, and try to avenge the Juradrome at any cost.


Juraprey are found in a variety of places. They are most common in temperate forests with lots of herbivores that graze about. They also hang out in dens dug out by them, and their Juradrome leader.

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