"Get up, you're killing a Jhen." Achiles said blatently.

A Jen was a huge beast that dwells within the sandy plains of the Great Desert. It hat two huge horns, amd fed of animals in the desert, the sraps are given to the Delex that follow it.

"Me?" Said Will rubbing his eyes.

"Who else?" Achilles said sarcasticly.

Great Desert Later That Day

"So I command this?" Asked Will holding the steering wheel.

"Yes. Commands?" Asked Kidd.

Kidd was a former capitain of the fleet. He used to work for Moga gathering fish but he worked himself up and killed Jhen on a regular basis.

"Get to your staitons men!" Shouted William.

"Jhen, JHEN!" Shouted a member of the crew.

Sure enough a massive Jhen Mohran came out of the sand and swam along side the ship.

"To arms, To arms!" Will shouted at the crew.

"Fire the cannons!" He added, pointing to the Jhen.

Four cannons exploded, and with each explosion a cannon ball erupted from it and smashed into the Mohran, some brusing its arm, others ricosheting of its spine taing bits of ore with it.

"It's coming to wards us!" Shouted another member of crew.

Will thought for a moment, "Fire the binder." He exlaimed.

"Now's our chance, hit it with everything." He said, and so they did, Ballistas and Cannons slamed into its body and it screeched in absolute pain. It dug underground, deep in the sand.

"Is it leaving?" Will asked.

"No, its coming from behind..." Replied Kidd as he pointed to the emerging Jhen.

"Wait for the Dragonator, on my count. Three. Two. One. Fire!"

They hit the button, but did it hit? The Mohran emerged and the Dragonator propelled itself into the Mohran, it sreamed, and landed on the boat sending it, and its crew skyward.

Will awoke from his moment of unconcenceness to see Kidd and his crew passed out, and the Jhen fast approaching. Must I do everything my self? he thought to himself. He ran in with his sword slashing at its fore legs, breaking away chunks of shell. Soon though soon, it would be close to the ship, and the Dragonator would deliver the final blow. He took a few hits, getting knocked over by the ever mooving feet, slowly charging towards the broken ship.

He looked back, noticing the ship which was surprisingly close. Will ran back and up the stairs, waited and timed his attack, then hit the button. They slammed into the poor Mohran killing it and it landed with a loud thud on the now still sand.

"What happened?" The now awoken Kidd asked.

"We won Kidd, we won."

Bill The Blackfoot (talk) 21:30, November 9, 2012 (UTC)

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