"Why are you here?" Asked a confuzed Rachel.

"I'm here to gather a team, for a huge hunt." Will blatently replied.

"Bill, isn't it?" Asked Todd.

"Will, and how did you know my name?" Will asked.

"I heared the old man say it a few times in that cave when we got lost." Said Todd

"Well, I'm coming!" Said Rachel half drawn to Will.

Will felt slightly awkward at that moment, and took a half step back.

"I have to go to Town first, there are a few people I need to get." Will confesed.

"Oh, I don't mind at all, do you Todd?" Asked Rachel.

"No." Said an angered Todd through his clenched teeth.

Town, Guild Hall, later that day.

"Where is John De La Tour?" William asked a man.

"I don't quite like your tone boy." The man replied.

A third man aproached, pulling the two apart.

"Don't mess with Don." The third man said.

"I can take him!" Exlaimed Will. "And who are you?"

"I'm John De La Tour..."

"Achilles sent me, he said you-" Will was cut off.

"Yes, yes. The old man. Telling tales about me I bet." Said John.

"I need your help!" Will pleaded.

"I bet you do!" Replied John, almost amused.

Will threw a heavy punch.

"I AM IN NO MOOD FOR GAMES!" William shouted.

"What about a fight?" John suggested.

Will hit him twice round the face, but the third time John caught it, and sent back a punch in the stomach. Will ran at him grabbing his throat, and getting him into a head-lock. Three time Will kneed his face, breaking John's nose. John booted the back of Will's legs, causing will to colappse on his knees. Once he did that he sent a kick into Will's back causing him to faceplant onto the pavement. He got up.

"UUURGH" He grunted.

"I. Am. Not. Your. Enemy!" He said kicking his stomach, and elbowing his allready broken nose.

"Just hear me out!" He continued.

"Allright! I give in, but you started it!" He complained. "I'm too old for fist fight..."

Will rolled his eyes. "Let's go to Moga!"

"Not that fishy place," John said, still complaning.

Will gave him a look, and with that, they all followed. An angered Will, a slightly less cocky John, an intimadated Todd, and a marvled Rachel.

Bill The Blackfoot (talk) 17:28, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

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