The three books:

1) Journey of the Monster Hunter

2) Journey of a Monster Hunter

3) Rise of a Monster Hunter

This is the Trilogy.


Journey of the Monster Hunter: Plot

Achilles, young and in his prime, the peak of hus strength, traning the soon to be ledgened John de la Tour, training him for some thing big, a titanic threat to the city, and all of the vilages. Training him to be a Monster Hunter.

Journey of a Monster Hunter: Plot

When his village is burned by a powefrull fire beast, William must find a mentor, train with him, gather his team, and search for this dark dragon across the landscape, he must avenge his father, and slay the beast.

Rise of a Monster Hunter: Plot

Part one: The Infamy. He must rise from the ashes of his one great Homestead, and deal with the threats the guild make to him, all the while a man takes the glory for what he did, he must prove his once close friend wrong, and bring him to justice.

Part Two: The Betrayal. After he proved the guild wrong, his so called 'closest' friend, ridicled and in shame, pins the death of Rachel on him. Will soon finds out about this, but he was too late, he must escape jail, but he will find out something horrable. It lives, the Beast and it's Icy brother are attacking the villages one by one. He must kill them both

Part Three: The Redemption. Will must stop the last surviving beast, who is angered after the death of it's 'Brother' , he must face his fears, and summon up the corage to defeat it. But the death of Rachel haunts him, can he beat it? Can he find someone else?

That is the plot of all three books.

Bill The Blackfoot (talk) 18:02, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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