Joker550 - Special Monster: Aquiila
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Aquiila - The Ancient Catastrophe

It has been witnessed fighting a Kuarusepusu near a waterfall by a special team of hunters, however they were not able to approach it due to that brutal fight, alerting that it is getting close to populated areas. It is so dangerous that the Guild had to hide every single trace of this behemoth. Ancient hunters say that it walks only on its back legs. However, its shape is still unknown. It has complete control over the Ice and Thunder elements, and it can also use the Light and Dragon elements via its Ruby. Feared by all hunters, the Guild is gathering a team of the best hunters in the world preparing for the day this terrifying monster attacks...

Possible Breakable body parts

Only scraps seen in the history museum defined by archaeologists :

Head (Twice)

Chest (Once)

Claws (Once)

Tail (Cut)

Ruby (Twice: Most attacks bounce off)

Possible Carved Items

Only a few materials can be carved due to its hard skin:

Aquiila Fang: Said to be sharper than even a Tigrex fang. Hunters feel terrified just looking at it.

Aquiila Ruby: The priceless jewel of Aquiila. It is of divine beauty. It is said that it contains a new element: Light.

Aquiila Horn: A horn of extreme power, designed only for destruction.

Possible Reward Items

Aquiila Claw: (Can only be obtained by breaking the claws) A very sharp claw. It it said that it can cut through the hardest of substances.

Aquiila Needle: (Can only obtained by cutting the tail) The very poisonous and sharp needle at the end of Aquiila's tail (Can also cause paralysis).

Monster Type

Bird Wyvern

Possible attacks

Charge: Uses its front legs in this attack.(Dmg. Rate:Low)

Light Ray: Shoots a ray of light using the ruby in its chest.(Dmg. Rate:High)

Poison Charge: Hits the ground with its tail just after Charge, Inflicts Paralysis when in Rage Mode.(Dmg. Rate:Medium)

Thunder Cyclone: Summons a big thunder tornado, Inflicts Thunderblight.(Dmg.Rate: High)

Ice beam: Shoots a strong Ice Beam from its mouth.(Dmg. Rate: Medium)

Roar: (Damage Rate: if close Very High, if just affected none)

Rage Mode

(The ruby on its chest turns black and gains the Dragon element)

Meteor Strike: The strongest attack in its arsenal. Flies all the way into the stratosphere,then smashes down upon the target like a meteor.(Dmg. Rate: 1 Hit-KO)

Dragon Ray: Same as 'Light Ray' but emits a black ray. Inflicts Dragonblight.(Damage rate:Very high)

Ice Blast: Shoots an icy rock that causes a small-ranged blast.Inflicts Snowman.(Damage rate:Very High)

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