Nicknames: Jogios
Titles: Benevolent Empress, Shining Ruler
Other Info
Description: Element: Fire, Light


Weakest to: Dragon, Water

Weakness sign: Unable to gather light,Body becomes dull

Signature move: Shining Tempest

Fanfic appearances:None so far

Species:  ???
Habitats: Shining Temple
Other monsters in Relation: Anarchos
Elements: Fire, Light
Ailments: Fireblight
Weaknesses: Water, Dragon
Signature move: x
Creator: Autis21XT


Jogios (Draconis Purificatio ) is a curious monster that currently resides within an area called the Shining Temple.It has the ability to manipulate a golden-white flame which seems to only harm those it percieves as a threat or are affected by Anarchos corruption


Shining Fire: Jogios releases a single fireball which causes low amounts of damage

Rage: The fireballs become much more unstable and far more likely to explode upon contact

Shining Tempest: Jogios charges up a ball of light and fire then launches it as a spiraling beam, Has a very large range.

Rage: Jogios becomes able to sweep the beam while firing and can charge it much more quickly

Shining Charge: Jogios wreathes itself in golden flames before charging at any hunters within range

Rage: Jogios charges faster and can charge up to 5 times

Roar: Jogios lowers it's head and then rears up and performs a roar which requires Earplugs to block.

Rage: Roars become much more common and HG Earplugs are required for the duration of Jogios enraged state.

Shining Veil: Jogios gathers light and covers itself in a shining aura giving higher speed and slightly higher attack .

Rage:The light gathers more quickly and attack increases further, has a high chance of inflicting fireblight

Shining Fang: Jogios bites down while releasing a burst of flames from it's jaws.

Rage: Jogios can bite twice and will lunge a short distance before the second bite.

Shining Tail Swipe: Jogios swings it's tail while lighting up the spines along it's length. Has high chance of stunning hunters if it connects

Rage: Jogios swings it's tail several times in a row before resting.


Jogios has been eating Neopterans and fish that inhabit the areas surrounding it's territory as well as small herbivores.

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