MHZUF - Jinzetran Final Concept (4th concept)
Nicknames: Doranjin, Jin
Titles: The Creator and Annihilator, God of Eternity, Abyssal Undertaker, Devourer of Vetus
Other Info
Description: The Dragon of the outskirts of the Abyss. Rumored to be the cause of this world's annihilation.
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Peak of the Abyss
Other monsters in Relation: None
Elements: Element - Light (MHZ), 20px, StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, 20px, 20px
Ailments: 18px, 18px, 18px, StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, 18px, 18px
Weaknesses: 20px and Element - Dark (MHZ)
Signature move: Ice Field, Light Ball
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Jinzetran (JIN - zeh -tran)

Romaji: Doranjin Toranosu

Size: Colossal

Jinzetran is the final boss monster of Monster Hunter Z Ultimate Frontier.

In - game Description

The Dragon of the outskirts of the Abyss. Rumored to be the cause of this world's annihilation.


(Note: This information is from the "Ancient Book of Magura" the Guild Master gives to the hunter a few quests before they have to fight Jinzetran)

Ancient Book of Magura

Creator of Hate, Decider of Fate

An ancient enemy with power so great.

His heart, shadowed and clutched by despair

His claws overflow with intense bloodlust

His tail crushes all to dust.

Fear, he strikes upon all forms of life

Doom and despair and destruction and strife.

Bewitched our hearts are, as they lead us to crawl,

for within his coming, Death is upon us all.

Almost 15,000 years ago, there was the Umbra Lake - a sacred, magical and very large body of water. It was home to a huge island that supported the Kingdom of Vetus, the biggest and most prosperous kingdom in the world. It was the people of the kingdom who first developed the tradition of hunting monsters and keeping them sacred. However, when the Abyssal Crystal was recovered from the dreaded Magura Splendor, the destroyer of the Lost Kingdom (Kingdom of Magura), the hunters awakened an incredible force of evil beneath the Umbra Lake...

Two huge spires seemingly made of solid rock emerged from the sea in that fateful night, causing huge tidal waves to surge through the island. The spires began to move towards the Kingdom in alarming speed. Massive rocks that sparked lightning began to fall from the sky and lightning bolts struck the Kingdom, yet it somehow managed to hold on. The hunters did everything they could, but they could not stop the The Abyssal Undertaker's jaws from engulfing the Kingdom in one huge, crushing bite.


Jinzetran is an absolutely colossal monster - easily the largest of the fan - made monsters I have created. It is approximately the length of two and a half Ravientes, although its exact length and height is unknown, but is said to be as tall as three upright Lao shan Lungs. Jinzetran's jaws alone are so incredibly hulking, that they engulfed the entire Kingdom of Vetus in one bite as the legend says. Jinzetran is quite similar to the Dire Miralis in body structure, and that it is both quadrupedal, and bipedal. However, it is fought only in the water (When it stands up on its hind legs however, the upper half of its body breaks the surface of the lake). Its right arm has a crystal - like casing on it, which acts as armour. Its head is quite small, with vicious sharp teeth and red, glowing eyes. It has tough scales all over its body and hard nodules and spikes on its left arm, which is smaller than its right. Its two most prominent features are the spines on its back, two of which, are as long as a Jhen Mohran, and the gigantic eye on its chest, which acts as an individual being - attacking hunters with powerful lightning blasts while Jinzetran itself is focused on another. Its extremely long tail is about 60% of the length of Dara Amadyura.

MHZUF - Jinzetran Final Concept (4th concept)

The fourth concept of Jinzetran. Its size and body structure are based on the daikaiju, Godzilla.


Jinzetran's right arm can generate the new Light element, firing it out as energy pulses, inflicting Gleamblight. Hunters with Gleamblight will have a small white spot at the centre of their bodies. Over time, this spot grows into a large flash of light, stunning the hunter that was affected, and other surrounding hunters and monsters. Its long tail is swung every time it turns to face a target, dealing damage in a manner similar to the Fatalis brethren. Jinzetran is also capable of harnessing four other elements: Fire, Thunder, Dragon and Ice.


To prevent Jinzetran's high - damaging attacks to be game breaking, I made them all ridiculously slow. However, if the hunters aren't fast enough, they will suffer.

Phase One

Attack  Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Fireball Common Very High Jinzetran raises its head and pauses for a few seconds, before swinging its head forward and firing a blue fireball in a straight line. 18px Severe Fireblight
Triple Fireball Very Common High - Very High Jinzetran will, if not, rear up on two legs and rotate its head counter clockwise to the left while charging up a fireball. It then fires one fireball at a hunter, and repeats the same thing two more times, but at different targets. 18px Severe Fireblight
Body Slam Very Common Extremely High - Fatal Jinzetran will, if not, rear up on two legs and slowly start positioning itself for landing. After a few seconds, it forcefully lands on the lake bed. This attack causes massive waves to surge at the surface. None
Stomp Uncommon Very High - Extremely High Jinzetran will raise its right leg for a few moments, and slam it down on the lake bed. None
Forwards Rush Very Common Very High

Jinzetran will, if not, perform the Body Slam attack to get down on all fours. It will then face a hunter, emit a small roar at them (not requiring earplugs), then charge forwards.

The animation of this attack is exactly the same as the Fatalis brethren's Snap n' Drag attack.

Backwards Rush Very Common High - Very High Jinzetran will, if not, perform the Body Slam attack to get down on all fours. It will then take a few steps backward to try to avoid hunters. None
Eye Blast Passive High The eyeball on Jinzetran's chest will look at a hunter and squint at them, charging up energy as it does so. After a few moments, it fires a blast of lightning at its target. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon Severe Thunderblight
Charged Eye Blast Only performed after the Backwards Rush Extremeley High - Fatal

While performing the Backwards Rush, Jinzetran will immediately stop what its doing and bring its chest out, charging up energy in its chest eye. After roughly 4 seconds, it will release the energy, firing a huge blast of thunder towards the lake bed, causing a massive explosion.

The recoil on this attack is so great that it pushes Jinzetran up on its hind legs and causes it to stagger immensely for a few seconds.

StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon Severe Thunderblight
Tail Swipe Passive High While turning to face another hunter, Jinzetran's massive tail will be swung to the side, hitting any hunter in the way. None
Roar Uncommon

Near - Very High

Far - None

Jinzetran will deeply inhale for about 4 seconds, then roar loudly while slowly moving its neck counter clockwise, its head facing the surface. Requires weapon that can guard to block; High Grade Earplugs do not block its roar.

Jinzetran's roar causes hunters to cover their ears for roughly 6 seconds, while the roar itself lasts for 15, making it the longest lasting roar in my Monster Hunter Universe.

Strangely, it does not have the right frequency to cause the new Deafen status ailment introduced in Monster Hunter Z Ultimate Frontier.

Also, the "roar effect" (the moment when unprotected hunters cover their ears) is delayed until Jinzetran's head is pointing towards the surface, giving time to react.


Phase Two

Added Attacks

Attack Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted

Glowing Fireball

& Glowing Triple Fireball

Common Very high

The normal Fireball attack, but enhanced with the Light element, causing it to travel a much farther distance and an explosion on contact with hunters.

The Triple Fireball attack is also enhanced with the Light element.

18px Severe Fireblight

and StatusEffect - Gleamblight Gleamblight

Ice Spike Common Extremely High - Fatal

Jinzetran raises its head, then brings it down, summoning a gigantic spike of ice from the lake bed.

The Ice Spike slowly melts over 40 seconds, acting as an impassable object. Hunters can use this to their advantage by hiding behind it when Jinzetran attacks them with a fireball. But be warned that any of Jinzetran's attacks will destroy the Icespike instantly.

18px Severe Iceblight
Ice Field Uncommon Very High - Extremely High

Jinzetran pauses for a brief moment, then gently touches the sea floor with its right claw. The sea floor slowly freezes and small shards of ice begin to emerge. After about 10 seconds, the seafloor suddenly bursts upwards with a massive field of frozen pentinents of ice that cover the entire lake bed. The only safe place for hunters is the upper half of the lake.

The Ice Field will melt over 20 seconds, or instantly break if Jinzetran is staggered.

18px Severe Iceblight and 18px Frostbite
Dragon Claw


Extremely High - Fatal Jinzetran's right arm surges with dragon element energy as it sweeps the area in front of it in a 180 degree arc. 18px Severe Dragonblight
Dragon Smash Uncommon Extremely High - Fatal Jinzetran slowly gathers dragon element energy in its right claw, channeling for about 6 seconds, before slamming its claw to the lake bed, causing a huge explosion of dragon element waves around it. 18px Severe Dragonblight

Phase Three

Added Attacks

Attack Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Sweep Very Common High Jinzetran will place its right foot back for a brief moment while raising its tentacled right arm, then brings its right foot forward as it sweeps a massive area in front of it with its tentacled arm in a 200 degree arc. None
Spine Blast Passive High - Very High Every time Jinzetran takes a step, the 5 large spines on its back will randomly blast lightning. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon Severe Thunderblight
Dragon Aura Random Moderate 

Jinzetran's body will suddenly be surrounded by Dragon element sparks that will damage any hunter that is too close.

This Dragon Aura randomly occurs.

18px Severe Dragonblight
Light Arua Passive None Jinzetran's body will be constantly emitting a Light element aura that will inflict Gleamblight to hunters that come too close to it. 18pxGleamblight
Lightning Burst Common Extremely High Jinzetran's body will start glowing white as it raises its head and arms over the course of 6 seconds. After charging, a field of lightning will erupt from its body. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon Severe Thunderblight
Dragon Blasts Common Very High

Jinzetran will raise its head and fire 4 dark balls upwards. These Dragon Blasts travel past the surface of the lake and explode, sending numerous Dragon element bolts back down to the lake bed.

18px Severe Dragonblight
Charged Ice Blast Uncommon Extremely High - Fatal Jinzetran will slowly bring its head back, its mouth glowing light blue. After about 6 seconds, it will bring its head forward and fire a gigantic burst of Ice that travels in a straight line. 18px Severe Iceblight
Frozen Breath Uncommon High - Very High

Jinzetran, if not on all fours, will perform the Body Slam attack. It will then pull its head back very briefly, and release a huge cloud of liquid Nitrogen from its mouth that it slowly sweeps from side to side twice.

Jinzetran may slowly advance forward or slowly walk backwards while firing the cloud.

18px Frostbite
Fireball Summon Very Common High - Very High Jinzetran will, if not on all fours, perform the Body Slam attack. It will then pause for roughly 7 seconds, with its head close to the ground. After the pause, Jinzetran will raise its head and roar at the sky (requires a weapon that can guard to block). Moments later, 25 Fireballs (1 falls every 0.5 seconds) will start falling towards random locations in the area. 18px Severe Fireblight
Light Beam Very Common Extremely High - Fatal Jinzetran will raise its head and gather energy in its mouth for 4 seconds, causing it to glow white. After charging up, Jinzetran will close its mouth for a brief moment, and open its mouth, firing a gigantic beam of light that it sweeps in front of it in a 180 degree arc. 18pxGleamblight
Light Ball Uncommon Fatal Jinzetran will place its left foot back and bring its coil of tentacles (right arm) in front of it. The tentacles start spinning rapidly, creating a ball of light at the center. After 7 seconds, Jinzetran stretches its right arm forward, firing the ball of light in a straight line, but it eventually crashes to the lake bed and explodes in a massive pillar of light. 18pxGleamblight

Battle Phases

In this area, there are no rising bubbles to get oxygen from, so the only options are swimming for the surface or using Air Philters.

This beast inhabits an area far away from civilization, a land which no one has ever reached - The Peak of the Abyss. It is reached by the same way the Dark Abyss is reached, in which the dreaded Sunder Taiger (Sandureyossu) inhabits - through the use of a special portal. The Peak of the Abyss has only 1 area - the massive lake in which Jinzetran dwells in. However, from the airship, hunters can choose to ride smaller airships with ballistas and cannons. They can pilot this airship to hover above the surface of the lake to attack Jinzetran's upper body when it stands on its hind legs. While riding the airship, they are accompanied by 2 Felynes and 1 Gaboon, which will also occasionally fire ballistas at Jinzetran. There are a total of 10 smaller airships in the main one.

AT LEAST 24 hunters are required in this quest to battle the Jinzetran, a la, 6 hunting parties, (4 hunters in each party) and a maximum of 10 (40 hunters). The quest conditions are similar to that of Raviente's - Hunters start with 50,000 points. 10,000 points are awarded when enough damage is dealt to Jinzetran, signaled by a horn, and the ground shaking a little bit. Tamed monsters (See Monster Hunter Z for more information about the Monster taming system) are allowed in this area, though only two can be present with each hunting party.

Also, certain tamed Elder Dragons CANNOT be present in the quest, due to them being at risk of absorbing the Elder Dragon Essence (See Monster Hunter Z Ultimate for more information on the Elder Dragon Essence) from Jinzetran.

The battle has three phases:

Phase one starts with a cutscene of the hunters entering multiple portals to the Peak of the Abyss while riding air ships, which are identical to the Large Exploration Ship area Shanthien is fought in (different hunting parties are on different air ships). Once they have entered, they, along with the ship's crew (which consists of other non - hunters, NPC's that travel around the ship, villagers, Felynes, Shakalakas and Rathalos, which fly about) throw ropes attached to huge, claw - shaped metals to secure their respective ships to the ground, due to the storm above the area. The hunters look over the air ship towards the lake below.

From there, the hunters can buy materials, items, and even upgrade their armour and weapons in the shops and Blacksmiths in the ship. The hunters are also given an infinite amount of Farcasters as a supply item.

The hunters can only jump off if they are all in "Ready Mode" and the leader of the party presses the start button (similar to how a quest is launched). Only the first hunting party will be in the small cutscene after they land in the lake, where they will look around for a few moments, and hear a massive roar which causes the hunters to shield themselves. Jinzetran then emerges out of the mist and roars another time.

The hunters must now inflict as much damage as they can, weakening the massive Elder Dragon. They can choose to either be in the lakeWhen enough damage is dealt, Jinzetran will be entering rage mode, switching to phase two of the battle.

Phase two begins with a cutscene of Jinzetran slamming its huge, crystal - like right arm into the lake bed, causing it to tremble with light and energy. The camera switches to the surface of the area, which reveals that this energy Jinzetran is generating is actually reshaping the whole map. The water gets deeper, giving hunters more difficulty in taking a breath at the surface. the land surrounding the water is also reshaped; two giant spikes emerge from the ground and extend diagonally, eventually intersecting over the water. Dark clouds gather over the area, with the two giant spikes breaking through the clouds. These clouds occasionally produce lightning strikes to the water, damaging any hunter if they are hit with it directly. The air ships are also affected, with the crew struggling to keep their ships secure, showing the crew members tugging on ropes, orders being given to throw more anchors, Felynes falling off the ship, the rain making it hard for all of the crew to see, lightning strikes injuring some of them, and hunters being ordered to put out the flames. Chaos is upon everyone....

While enraged, Jinzetran's eyes glow a frightening blue, and it's bigger right arm is engulfed in a bright haze of energy in a manner similar to that of the Savage Deviljho. Its scales glow even brighter, and pulse different colours of the rainbow every so often. Every attack it makes while enraged either deals very high damage, or fatal damage.

When hunters deal enough damage to Jinzetran, a cutscene will start off with Jinzetran staggering uncontrollably while the hunters close in for the final blow. However, Jinzetran roars at them very loudly, causing massive waves and earthquakes. After the hunters escape the falling rocks and lightning strikes, they make it to the surface to see that Jinzetran had disappeared. The hunters cheer for the Next Challenge (Similar to Raviente's fight), but the quest is not yet cleared. At the reward screen, no monster parts will be given, and 10,000 z will be earned.

The hunters will be back at the air ship, and will have a maximum of 120 seconds to prepare for phase three. They can buy items, heal up, eat and drink for powerups and even upgrade their current weapons. After the 120 second mark (in which case the hunters will be forced to go into the lake if they are not in "Ready Mode"), or if the hunters choose to, they will jump off the ship and into the lake.

If the hunters choose to go before the 120 second mark, ALL OF THE HUNTERS must be in "Ready Mode".

Phase three begins with a cutscene that starts with all of the hunters diving into the lake. They look around but Jinzetran is nowehere to be found. The hunting party leader signals for his / her comrades to unsheathe their weapons as a series of tremors begin. Jinzetran emerges from the gloom with a burst of lightning. Seeing the hunters, it roars ferociously at them, causing the hunters to be thrown back (which will be a new effect of its roar for the entire phase). It then charges up some energy on its back for a few moments. After charging, it roars at the sky and dragon element meteors start falling down on the water. One hunter in the party is nearly hit, but is saved thanks to another fellow hunter. Jinzetran's enormous back spines will glow yellow and generate powerful bursts of lightning every time it takes a step. The crystal armour on its right arm will start glowing brightly, before it shatters it with a slam to the ground, revealing its right arm to be a coil of numerous tentacles, each tentacle possessing a clawed hand on its tip. After its transformation, it will be surrounded by the Light element which appears as a blue aura, and Jinzetran roars ferociously at the hunters, as its third phase theme starts to play. 

The eye on Jinzetran's chest is more vulnerable to damage in this state. If damaged enough, it will make the eye overload with energy, damaging hunters around it, but also making Jinzetran stagger and fall to the lake bed for a few seconds, allowing time to attack. However, the eye will close every now and then, protected by what appears to be an eyelid made of glowing light energy, causing weapons to bounce. After closing itself, the eye will reopen after a brief channel of energy, firing a short range beam of light that will heavily damage any hunter still attacking it.

When Jinzetran is defeated once and for all, the ground shakes as it attempts to fire one last blue fireball. It however, explodes prematurely, and Jinzetran falls to the sea floor. Its body then glows brightly, sending energy out of the surface that heads right into the storm above the hunters, dispersing the clouds and revealing the bright sun.

The land is also reshaped - The two giant spikes disappear into tiny crystal like shards that float in the air, slowly falling into the water and settling at the surface. Plants, trees and flowers are also restored, with some trees in different colours (like pink Cherry Blossom trees, orange/brown Autumn trees etc.) and they are all around either side of the island. Lilies and other water plants also reform above the water's surface. Chirping is also heard and harmonious music plays.


Phase One

Zeyatran Theme - Phase One (Best Dramatic music ever!! Youtube)03:12

Zeyatran Theme - Phase One (Best Dramatic music ever!! Youtube)

Phase Two

Zeyatran Theme - Phase Two (Best Dramatic music ever!! 2)02:50

Zeyatran Theme - Phase Two (Best Dramatic music ever!! 2)

Phase Three

Position Music - Cryptwalker (Epic Dark Powerful Hybrid)03:13

Position Music - Cryptwalker (Epic Dark Powerful Hybrid)



First concept

MHL - Jinzetran

Second concept

MHZUF-Jinzetran-concept (2)

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