CRE Jenovark-1168d189 sml
Nicknames: Jenova, Jenov, Jen, Ridley
Titles: Dragon goddess of Destruction
Other Info
Species:  ???
Habitats:  ???
Other monsters in Relation:  ???
Elements: X
Ailments: Stigma Dragon Virus, Stun
Weaknesses: Dragon, then thunder
Signature move: Virus Flamethrower
Creator: Gojira57

In Game information

A strange dragon that was said to be the goddess of destruction, but the guild calls it Jenovark. It is said that it was the harbringer of the destruction of entire civilizations. Can mere humans defeat it and end it's reign of terror?


Jenovark is classified as a "???" just like Gore Magala from MH4. This is due to it being only recently discovered. It spreads a Virus from it's wings called the "Stigma Dragon Virus", which can kill plant life and make animals sick, Humans inflicted with this virus find their health and stamina drained overtime, and their moving speed decreased, and often prone to flinching randomly. This makes the Jenovark a deadly adversary for even a vetran hunter.

Move set

Coming soon.....


Coming soon...

Introduction scene

Area: The Ancient Shrine

The Hunter arrives at the Ancient shrine on a mission to find the Jenovark. He/She is, however, oblivious to a nearby Deviljho until it nearly grabs a hold of him/her. The Deviljho roars and attacks, only to have the mysterious Jenovark swoop in and grab the Deviljho's head, and twisted it's neck, killing it instantly. The Jenovark turns it's attention to the hunter and starts to roar, and the hunt begins.


Coming soon....

Armor set

Coming Soon...


coming soon....

Notes and Trivia

  • Quite by Coincidence, it vaguely resembles Ridley from the Metroid series
  • If a hunter does enough damage to Jenovark while inflicted with the Stigma dragon virus, the virus will be purged, and the hunter will also be granted an Attack and Affinity boost, similar to Gore Magala's feral wyvern virus.
  • It cannot be Fatigued.
  • A Jenovark is planned to appear in  Monster Hunter EX: A new era at the end.
  • The Crystal on it's chest can be broken, it's Wings can be wounded, it's tail severed, it's face scarred, and it's arms wounded twice, once per arm.
  • When enraged, the Stigma dragon virus will appear to surround Jenovark's wings, making it look like it is leaking a yellow and black haze.
  • Spore model is a Work in progress.... I will edit it when I get the chance to make it look better.
  • It is the Final Boss of Monster Hunter EX
  • It's name is based on the Final fantasy 7 character Jenova.

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