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Jadiprey is the younger form of Jadidrome. These small birdwyverns hide in small caves, feeding off of small animal carcasses. They can fly much better than the adult, but usually remain land dwellers. Their scales are also able to be shed if the are caught

Biological Adaptations

These creatures have the same adaptations as Jadidrome. However these boast another adaptation: a tail which can auutosever if attacked. Meaning, the only way to carve the bodies is to 1 hit kill them.


They act very territorial in their caves, but outside of them, they are generally indifferent of other wyverns. These creatures are also rather careless, so they can become easy prey for Dukkioe. However, their parents will do all in their power to keep predators at bay.

They tend to ignore the presence of other living beings, though if they sense danger in the immediate area, they have very powerful legs that can propel them at high speeds forward.

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