Will-o-wisp monster
Nicknames: Irrga
Titles: Will-o-Wisp Behemoth,
The Irrlicht
Other Info
Description: The Irrlicht luring monsters and humans into their doom. A very rare, nomadic Behemoth that few have seen and less survived. The coldness around this beast is legendary and caused many hunters to lose courage.
Species: Behemoth
Habitats: Many different areas
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Sending out will-o-wisps
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Irrgaston has a very bulky, dark blue body with strong limbs. The front legs have grey spikes on the backside and are much more muscular than the hind legs. The tail has a bifurcation same as grey spikes on its upper back that get darker to the top to hold will-o-wisps that can summoned any time. The Behemoth's long horns on the head also grow close together and hold a blue flame. Irrgaston has plates on its back which are inflamed when enraged. Shoulders and hips are constantly on blue fire.


Average: 2294,00 cm

Biggest size measured (normal): 2819,80 cm

Biggest size measured (huge): 4391,99 cm


Irrgaston is nomadic and appears in almost every area but is more often seen in swamplands like the Moor than anywhere else.


  • The weakness is dragon, then earth.
  • In Rage Mode the plates on the back inflame and it huffs smoke.
  • When exhausted the flames on its shoulders, hips and in between its horns lose power but don't die.
  • The blue flames deprive heat from their environments. This is the reason for the coldness around the beast.
    • A Hot Drink is required to fight Irrgaston though it can also negate the need of a Cold Drink in volcanic areas but let even expire the effect of Hot Drinks faster in cold environments.
  • The Behemoth fights by physical attacks, normal fire attacks and will-o-wisps.
    • While normal fire offenses only inflict fireblight, the will-o-wisps cause the new Cold Fireblight, that additional to usual fireblight cancels the effect of Hot Drinks or even strengthens the stamina expiration through the coldness.
  • It's a very rare and mysterious monster and a quest for them is hard to get.
  • They're known for luring curious monsters and humans in loose parts of the swamps with their flames where they get stuck in the mud and are easy prey for it. There are a lot legends by local tribes about this fact.
    • All the survivors of such sights told about suddenly feeling cold, the vision got blurred and they wished to warm themselves at the fire that was somehow visible in front of them.
  • Irrgastons' social life is unknown and mysterious as they were never found with another of their kind.
  • Breakable parts are horns, back, front limbs (each) and the tail can be cut.


  1. Body check
  2. Body slam
  3. Claw slash
  4. Charge attack
  5. Will-o-wisp shot (cold fireblight)
  6. Flamethrower (fireblight)
  7. Back slam (it gets in a sitting position and lets it fall backwards, while enraged blue flames get released around the position) (in Rage Mode cold fireblight)
  8. Fire field around its body (fireblight)
  9. Summoning will-o-wisps in its nearness (cold fireblight)


Irrgaston Horn (when broken), Irrgaston Claw (when broken), Irrgaston Plate (only when back broken), Irrgaston Tail (when severed and carved), Will-o-Wisp Onyx, Irrgaston Shell, Irrgaston Scale, Irrgaston Hide, Irrgaston Spike