Nicknames: Idia, Canthus
Titles: Light in the shadows
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Fish
Habitats: Black Abyss
Other monsters in Relation: none
Elements: none
Ailments: Waterblight, Stun
Weaknesses: Fire then Thunder
Signature move: Flash attack
Creator: Gojira57

The Idiacanthus is a large fish that lives in the Black Abyss. It is a long, serpentine creature with a large toothy maw, and an eerie chin barbel. It's body shimmers with light , disguising it from predators and prey alike.


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  1. Bite: a simple bite that does moderate damage. can be followed by another bite.
  2. Flash Attack: It's body Glows ominously and then Flashes with a bright light, stunning hunters and monsters in the area.
  3. Coil: if the Idiacanthus manages to catch a hunter in it's coils, it will attempt to squeeze the hunter, doing damage as it squeezes tighter. the hunter can try to break free, or throw a dung bomb to escape.
  4. Charge: It will charge at a hunter, and if it does connect, will inflict waterblight.

Introduction scene

coming soon....


  • When fatigued, will eat a Hatchet Fish or Gobin Sharq to regain Stamina
  • Wont be able to make a flash if fatigued, or if barbel and body are broken


  • It's apparance is based on the Black Dragonfish, and it's name is based on the Genus name of the same creature.

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