Nicknames: Ibaru
Titles: Wanderer Behind The Sun,
Master Of The Fog
Other Info
Description: A Fanged Wyvern living behind the light of the sun. No member of the civilized world has ever seen it alive, native tribes describe it in legends. Only one dead individual proves the existance of this fog monster.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: Forested areas like the Dark Hain
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: 25px
Ailments: File:StatusEffect-Dark.png, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Fog projectiles
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Ibarulom has white scales with brown stripes on the slim body. It has a great Andrewsarchus-like mouth with sharp teeth and a long snout. The tail is long and has pipe-like excrescences growing up from the top side that emit fog. The Wyvern's small claws are brownish grey and sharp. It has a muscular front limbs are covered by small spikes and partially by brown fur. This pelt also covers the back of the beast.


Average: 1509,66 cm

Biggest size measured: 1889,03 cm


Ibarulom inhabits forested areas like the Dark Hain, the Primeval Forest and the Bamboo Forest for better hiding in the fog.


  • The weakness is wind, then fire.
  • In Rage Mode Ibarulom's eyes shine green through the fog (Nargacuga Effect).
  • When exhausted it fails to use its tail attacks.
  • The tail excrescences emit fog that surrounds the monster and makes it almost invisible.
    • This characteristic of Ibarulom gave it the title "Wanderer Behind The Sun" alongside its nomadic behavior.
  • The civilized world never new of this monster and the guild never encounter until recently a dead body of the species was found and used as holotype.
  • Ibarulom feeds of monsters that get lost in the fog.
  • It often feints death to confuse predators and opponents to attack unexpected.
  • Because of the only recently discovery of the monster very few is known about it.
  • They are mentioned in legends of local tribes as "Masters Of The Fog" and feared as unseen killers. The Wyverns personify cunning and blindness.
    • The scientists who study these tribes and the guild regarded these legends as myths until the dead body was found.
  • Ibaruloms are loners and only come together in mating season. They won't tolerate another individual in their nearness particularly from the same gender.
  • Breakable parts are the head, the tail and the front limbs.
    • When the tail is broken it cannot constantly emit the fog anymore but still can use water and fog attacks.


  1. Fog projectiles (dark)
  2. Water beam (from tail)
  3. Body check
  4. Claw slash
  5. Tail whip (fog covers the area around) charge attack combo
  6. Bite
  7. Pin attack (Tail whip and delayed bite attack, when tail whip hits the bite hits too if not evaded fast)


Ibarulom Fang (when head broken), Ibarulom Head (only when broken, rare), Ibarulom Claw (when broken), Ibarulom Tail (when broken), Ibarulom Pelt, Ibarulom Scale, Ibarulom Shell

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