General Info

  • Favorite Weapon Set: Dios Katana (formerly) / Dancing Flames Longsword (Currently)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human Shapeshifter
  • Age: Unknown (looks 18)
  • Armor set: Fatalis (originally), Gore magala armor (Currently)


  • Kisisa (wife)
  • Meia (daughter)
  • Ssi-ruvi (Enemies, Creators)
  • Ignitus the Teostra (friend)
  • Liniar / Kama the Phantom Kirin (Friend)
  • Doctor Sheritzu Takama (Creator)
  • Kesena (Enemy)
  • Goajiroth ("Brother"/ Enemy / Eventual ally)
  • Dark Hurricurse (Doppelganger/ Enemy)
  • Genecid ("Brother")
  • Taka Docks (Friend)
  • Arion (Friend)
  • Jaskir (friend)
  • Tiara (friend)
  • Dawn (Friend)

Abilities and Aspects

  • Able to shapeshift, but unlike Taka, the Hero of the Central world, Hurricurse can take the form of a strong elder dragon. But using a strong form as an elder dragon saps his energy, so he cannot stay in that form for long. He can take weaker forms indefinetly however....
  • Never ages
  • Has a tendency to let anger take him, if given a good enough excuse, especially if harm is threatened towards his friends and family.
  • Savage and unpredictable in battle.
  • Shows empathy for Monsters.
  • Has a deep hatred for the Ssi-ruvi, and those alligned with them, especially Goajiroth (formerly).
  • Despite Dawn's antisocial behavior, Hurricurse feels sympathy for her, since they both share similar origins.

Story Appearences

Creator's Notes/Trivia

  • Hurricurse's name is based on the terms Hurricane and Curse.
  • Hurricurse is without a doubt, My favorite character that I (Gojira57) ever Created.
  • Personality was somewhat loosely based on Shadow the Hedgehog, but was tweaked to make it his own, although over time, his personality was changed.
  • Hurricurse was one of Taka's (from MH: Destiny series by Cottonmouth255) deadliest enemies (as stated by Cotton himself once). The Reasons being that Hurricurse is just as unpredictable and fluid in battle as Taka, and never follows a pattern in his attacks (for fear of being exploited if he did so).
  • As of Monster Hunter EX: A new era, Hurricurse only had a panic attack twice. But since this is non canon, He has only had a panic attack once, during MHH5: Revenge of Kesena.
  • He was, originally, going to have Wind manipulating powers, like in his Non canon appearances, but this was scrapped, for personal reasons.