Harvengar is a recently discovered monster that live's in the Lava Canyon. It was discovered by a researcher who noticed a severly damaged Akantor limping away from the center of the canyon but then out of nowhere a Harvengar leaped out and rammed the weak Akantor killing it. It's diet is all kinds of ore.


Flame Breath: Harvengar's most used attack, Harvengar will breathe in air and then breathe out fire at a specific target.

Ram: Harvengar will run head first into any potential threat.

Bite: Harvengar will rear it's head up and then quickly bite down on a target.

Double Stomp: Harvengar will stand up on it's hind leg's then stomp with both front leg's onto the ground at the same time.

Pin Attack: Harvengar will knock a hunter down with it's head then stand over them and stomp down with it's front legs each at a different time.

Blast Charge: Harvengar will take in heat from the surrounding area and channel it into a quick fire beam attack.

Screech: Most basic attack of all monster's but Harvengar breathes out visible toxic fumes that disolves cold drinks.

Fire Ball: Harvengar will spit up a ball of fire at target similar in motion to Gigginox's poison spit attack. (used often in rage mode)

Tremor: Harvengar will jump into the air land on all four's similar to Deviljho's leaping tremor attack, this move is also able to ignite explosive ore.

Asteroid Mortar: Harvengar will jump up onto a elevated area and it will shoot 10 fireball's into the air that will strike down randomly or on a specific target, also the fireball's will contain a clump of explosive ore similar to Uragaan's attack ore that remains in the ground untill exploded. (rage mode only)

Napalm Gas: Harvengar's most powerful attack, Harvengar will breathe in flammable gas in the lava and then it will look at a hunter for second with it's mouth still open and breathe the gas onto that hunter then it will leap back and launch a fireball at the gas cloud igniting it into a big explosion. (rage mode only) ( hint hint flammable gas)

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