Soooo... yeah thank me later but I managed to find a really good deviantart Artist out there that allowed me to share his MH works in the fanon

all credits go to: harisalind

If you want to watch her on DA then do it o_O

Also check her other artworks and leave a note or two on her page and encourage her to draw more :3

Edit: My Work is deleted, anyone else can create those monsters.

Creature List

harisalind Creature List

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Name Class Title Element Weakness
Dokousori   Carapaceon  The Frozen Sting  18px  18px / 18px
 Girkuza  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Glizeros  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Velogiga  Bird Wyvern  Marauding Warrior  None  18px / 18px
 Schwartz Geist  Pseudowyvern  Veil Breaker  18px  18px
 Name  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Name  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Name  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Name  Class  Title  Element  Weakness
 Name  Class  Title  Element  Weakness