Haaicorp Topics:

CAM 0050
Nicknames: Haai
Titles: Great Lake Shark
Other Info
Description: A shark-scorpion that inhabits the Great Lakes Desert
Species: Fish
Habitats: Great Lakes Desert
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: 18px
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 18px
Signature move: Electric Fangs
Creator: .Shardz.

Haaicorp is a unique species being a combination of a shark and a scorpion. It preffers to live on the Great Lakes Desert, a place that suits it the best for it mostly lives on lakes, especially big ones.

But this one is really one of a kind, it has the ability of controlling electricity on his body, his fangs are known to be deadly and very rare to obtain, they also have electricity on them. Haaicorp uses his legs to move around on earth, but can also be used as a weapon.

His second most known "weapon" it's his tail, since he can trap his enemies and preys of hit them hardly with it, they also can be charged up with electricity.


  • His fangs are the most hard part to obtain and break, being only breakable with fire or smashy weapons.
  • Even if a weapon cuts his tail, you will still have to be carefull since it's still charged up, so, you need to learn the time the electricity comes to know when to carve it, although it's only charged up if the monster is still alive.
  • It doesn't have a rage mode, but when near of his defeat, it will become more agressive.

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