Wow! The 3rd Generation has had a good run but its finally time to move on to the 4th Generation! This time we are not just looking at HC Monsters but we are also looking at Special HC Variants of some monsters. So without farther ado, let the 4th Generation of HCs begin!

BannedLagiacrus' HC 4th Generation Monsters and Special HC 4th Gen. Variants

HC Aruserutasu

Title: Soldier Piercer Bug

Status Aliments: Defense Down, Soiled, Fatigue, Dizzy

Aesthetic Differences: a hole in back, yellow markings on back, orange eyes, brighter colors on body, green legs, yellow substance on claws, and red stinger.

Explanation: The HC Aruserutasu is believed to be a rare individual that has survived after mating with multiple Generu Serutasus. From this he has gained some of their pheromones and now uses them as his own to assist him in battle, though he shows signs of old age and also seems to show signs of mutation.

New Attacks and Moves:

The HC Aruserutasu can now cause Defense Down by damaging hunters with his claws.

The mucus globs that Aruserutasu shoots from his abdomn now cause both Defense Down and Fatigue.

Extendable Claws: The HC Aruserutasu can now extend his claws in Rage Mode, even without Generu Serutasu, increasing the range of his claws.

Kunchuu Summon: The HC Aruserutasu will stand in place before summoning the Kunchuu with a white gas pheromone. This gas will summon 10 Kunchuu and this phermone smells like corpses to th Kunchuu. If hunters are to close to the Aruserutasu while it does this, it will cause the Soiled effect.

Pheromone Charge: A gas surrounds the Aruserutasu while he prepares to charge. After afew seconds, he charges forward before quickly U-turning and charging again. After the last charge, he lands and begins to flap his wings, spreading the pheromones around him for a short period and flying back into the air.

Kunchuu Armor: The HC Aruserutasu summon 5 Kunchuu before taunting. The Kunchuu then crawl towards the Aruserutasu before climbing on his body. Two of them climb on his legs, two climb on his claws, and one climbs on his canopy. These Kunchuu take 3 hits to knock off the HC Aruserutasu and each time one is knocked off, the HC Aruserutasu will flinch.

Dirt Claw Slash: The HC Aruserutasu, while flying, will extend his claws to the ground before charging forward. While charging in the air, he will scrap his claws on the ground, leaving a trail of dirt before slashing at the hunter while flying. The dirt will make hunters dizzy if they are hit by it. This attack is only done in Rage Mode.

Kunchuu Toss: The HC Aruserutasu will grab any Kunchuu in the area with his claws and throw them at the hunter. The Aruserutasu will only pick up two and throw them at hunters but will grab two more after throwing them at hunters in Rage Mode.

Mucus Spray: After rearing back, the Aruserutasu will fire a stream of mucus at the hunter while turning, in a similar fashion to the Vespoid Queen.

Out of Control Aruserutasu: When the Aruserutasu loses 50% of his health, he will begin to due this attack. The HC Aruserutasu will pretend to leave the area by flying high into the air before rubbing his claws together and looking at a hunter. After doing so, his wings begin to beat before charging forward at a hunter. If a hunter is hit by the attack, the Aruserutasu will hold them with his claws while flying. While holding them, the Aruserutasu will shoot mucus down randomly on the ground on other hunters while charging them from the air. He swoops down and charges them 3 times while holding the hunter. On the third charge, he will not just shoot mucus down on the hunters. He will also throw the hunter at another hunter to deal damage. Though if the Aruserutasu is holding a hunter, the hunter can button mash to get out off his grasp. If the Aruserutasu doesn't grab a hunter then it won't do the attack.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

When the HC Aruserutasu becomes infected, it will gain a speed boost along with a defense boost.

All of its physical attacks now cause Feral Wyvern Virus besides other aliments.

The HC Aruserutasu also gains 2 new attacks.

Pheromone Shoot: The Aruserutasu will turn its stinger purple before shooting a glob of the virus at a hunter. If a hunter is hit by the attack, the smell of the pheromones will attract hungry Kunchuu ready to feed on the hunter.

Sticky Kunchuus: The Aruserutasu will grab one of the Kunchuu occasionally and will spray some of the mucus on them. This mucus allows them to stick the wall and even roll up walls with ease.

HC Velocidrome(4th Gen.)

Title: Dominate Raptor

Status Aliments: Waterblight

Aesthetic Differences: red eyes, a red face, a hooked beak, orange feet, orange tail tip, larger different shaped crest, and orange claws.

Explanation: The HC Velocidromes in the Siki Country are different from the HC Velocidromes in other regions of the Old World but just like those Velocidromes, they also seem to be older individuals. Though its unknown why the HC Velocidromes of the Siki Country are different.

New Attacks and Moves:

The HC Velocidrome can summon 10 Velociprey instead of 2.

Now when the HC Velocidrome pounces it causes quake.

Water Spit: The HC Velocidrome rears back before shooting a ball of water at the hunter, in a similar style to the Giadrome. This attack causes Waterblight if hit by it.

Triple Side Tackle: The HC Velocidrome will look at the hunter before taunting and jumping zig-zag towards them 3 times. This tackle goes from left to right to left each time before the Velocidrome turns around and does another attack.

Spinning Bite-Tailwhip Combo: The HC Velocidrome will turn around while biting before leading it into a tailwhip. This is done just like the MHF-G's HC Velocidrome.

Charging Pack: Jumping back in anger, the HC Velocidrome sends its pack at the hunters before roarig. The pack of Velociprey charge a hunter before biting and pouncing on them multiple times.

Jumping Water Spit-Uppercut Combo: The HC Velocidrome jumps up into the air before spitting water onto the ground and connecting it into a uppercut that sends hunters into the air like a person hit by a Greatsword.

Rage Mode: Unlike before, the HC Velocidrome will rasie its head and roar into the airwhile calling for more Velociprey. The HC Velocidrome requires Low Grade Earplugs to avoid this roar or a blocking weapon.

High Pressure Water Beam: Similar to its other water attack but only done in Rage Mode. The HC Velocidrome takes afew steps back before shooting a beam of water at the hunter. This beam pushes the Velocidrome back while it shoots it.

Triple Jumping Water Spit-Double Uppercut: An advance form off its original combo but alot more dangerous. The HC Velocidrome jumps into the air before shooting down a ball of water and landing on the the ground. After the attack, it jumps back into the air and shoots two balls of water before landing on the ground hard, causing quake, and uppercutting forward and turning around upprcutting again. After this attack, it taunts for afew seconds.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

When the HC Velocidrome becomes infected, its attack power and defense is increased.

While infected, its water-based attacks have a wider range.

The HC Velocidrome only gains one new ability while infected.

Infected Pack: If any of its pack is hit by any of its attacks, they will be able to cause Feral Wyvern Virus by biting or jumping on hunters.

Albino Velocidrome

Title: Dominate Albino Raptor

Status Aliments: Waterblight, Web Bound, Dizzy

Aesthetic Differences: orange eyes with red pupils, red crest, hooked beak, red claws, blue face, blue neck, and a white hide with yellow strips.

Explanation: A rare albino mutation of Velocidrome that is rarely seen by few. Most that encounter say its a rogue Giadrome but it was recently discovered to be an albino. Even though it isn't a Giadrome, it seems to be able to spit a special sticky substance at hunters that is similar to Nerusukyura's web.

Chance of Appearing: 10%

New Attacks and Moves:

Unlike the normal HC Velocidrome, it uses the Tower's Theme.

When enraged, its breath attacks cause Web Bound.

Unlike the HC Velocidrome, the Albino Velocidrome has increased health, speed, and attack.

Flash Bombs affect the Albino Velocidrome longer then the HC Velocidrome.

The Albino Velocidrome has all of the attacks and moves of the HC Velocidrome.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

While infected, the Albino Velocidrome gains a speed boost, maing faster than it was before.

The Albino Velocidrome gains 3 new attacks while infected.

Now all water-based attacks cause Web Bound besides Waterblight.

Leg Breaker: The Albino Velocidrome will jump backwards 3 times before pouncing forward. If a hunter is hit by the pounce, they will fall to the ground. When the hunter falls to the ground, it will roar and run towards them before using its jaws to grab them by the leg. When it grabs their leg, it will hold them by their leg use the hunter as a weapon against other hunters. The damage the hunter take is quite high and can catch hunters off guard when they hunt it. While it holds a hunter, the hunter can use Dung Bombs and Flash Bombs to stun it and, can mash buttons to get out of the pin.

Crestbutt: It will lower its crest before knocking the hunter with the crest on its head, while charging forward. The crest will make hunters dizzy, if their hit by the crest.

Crestbutt-Uppercut Combo: The Albino Velocidrome knocks out a hunter with its crest before jumping back and uppercutting forward with its crest.

HC Basarios(4th Gen.)

Title: Toxic Rock Wyvern

Status Aliments: Poison, Sleep, Fireblight, Paralysis

Aesthetic Differences: huge yellow mushrooms on back, branch protuding from tail, blue eyes, poison markings on pores, and green tints on legs.

Explanation: The HC Basarios is a Basarios that is nearly fully grown and is close to becoming a Gravios.

New Attacks and Moves:

Unlike the normal Basarios, the HC Basarios can shoot beams.

The HC Basarios' roar now requires High Grade Earplugs.

The gas it emits now causes Windpress.

Mushroom Defense: Now while undeground, the mushrooms on its back will paralysis any hunters who hit the Basarios at close range. The mushrooms will also leave behind gas whenever the Basarios shakes its body. The only way to get rid of the mushrooms is by riding on the Basarios back 3 times.

Triple Sweeping Heatbeam: The HC Basarios backs up before shooting a beam from left to right and another to right to left. The last beam is the largest and most powerful is shoot straight forward before the Basarios charges forward and turns around.

Volcanic Ball: The HC Basarios prepares to shoot a beam before faking it out and shooting a ball of fire. The ball covers a wider radius and does a lot more dame then its normal fireball.

Spreading Gas: The HC Basarios stands up right before it begins to flap its wings. While doing, this it releases a gas(Poison, Sleep, Fire) and the wind sends the gas forward, straight towards hunters. In Rage Mode, dust from the mushrooms will also fall off the Basarios and cover its back.

Unstable Heatbeam: In Rage Mode only, the HC Basarios backs up before shooting a beam wildly infront of it. The beam sweeps three times infront of it very quickly before the Basarios is shoot backwards. After this beam, it will release a poisonous gas around it while backing up.

Toxic Barrel Roll: When the mushrooms are destroyed on its back, it will begin to do this attack. The Basarios roars in anger before rolling on its back, releasing random gases out of its back. It will do the barrel 3 times in a row before rolling back on its feet.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

When the Basarios becomes infected it gains increased speed.

Now both its beams and balls are mixed with a random aliment(Sleep, Paralysis, Poison).

The HC Basarios gains a larger beam while infected.

The HC Basarios now gains 2 new attacks.

Flying Heatbeam: The HC Basarios will fly into the air before it turns to hunter and begins to shoot a beam of fire at the hunter while flying. It will follow the hunter for afew seconds before slamming down onto the ground.

Flying Charge: The HC Basarios takes afew steps back before flying forward and landing a sort range on top of the hunter. When it lands to the ground, it will cause Quake.

HC Tetsukabura

Title: Oni Frog

Status Aliments: Fatigue, Iceblight(Frozen Sea only), Soiled

Aesthetic Differences: green mucus on bottom jaws, blue eyes, three pairs horns on head, longer tusk, and bright yellow tail.

Explanation: This Tetsukabura is truly a mystery to the Guild but most believe its an older individual. The HC Tetsukabura is still being researched by the Guild but recently, the Guild discovered that there are some toxins in their skin.

New Attacks and Moves:

Unlike normal Tetsukaburas, it can take a hunter's stamina just by biting the hunter.

The HC Tetsukabura can shoot 3 mucus balls out of its mouth at once.

Now when hunters try to jump on the Tetsukabura's back, it will act quickly and counter it by lunge forward. If a hunter is on its back, it won't just try to knock the hunter off its back but it will also fight normally and attack other hunters.

Double Boulder Toss: The HC Tetsukabura will move its head back before using its tusk to push a boulder forward and throw it at any hunters infront of it. It will then jump backwards and throw another one after the first one.

Amphibious Ambush: The HC Tetsukabura will burrow underground before lunging out of the ground and trying to grab a hunter with its powerful jaws. If the Tetsukabura grabs a hunter, it will chew them before burping them out of his mouth. If the Tetsukabura fails to grab a hunter, it will just charge forward at one random hunter.

Jumping Mucus Ball: The HC Tetsukabura will jump up into the air before shooting down a ball of mucus like Rajang.

Bouncing Mucus Balls: In Rage Mode, the Tetsukabura's 3 mucus balls will bounce 2 times before landing on the ground.

Flying Boulder Lunge: After picking up a boulder, it will jump into the air and throw it before rushing forward knocking it at hunters to run them over. The boulder will break into pieces if it hits something.

Mucus Spray: While jumping backwards or forward, the Tetsukabura will sometimes spray mucus infront of it in order to quickly launch itself back. In Rage Mode, it will do this to counter some attacks.

Gaseous Belch: The HC Tetsukabura will stand in place for afew seconds with its eyes close before burping. A gas will appear around it after the Tetsukabura burps and will cause Soiled if hunters are hit by it.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

While infected, the HC Tetsukabura becomes alot faster and alot more aggressive.

Now while infected, it can combine its attacks alot better then before.

Strangely, while infected the Tetsukabura doesn't gain any new attacks or abilitys.

Tainted Tetsukabura

Title: Tainted Oni Frog

Status Aliments: Fatigue, Iceblight(Frozen Sea only), Soiled, Poison

Aesthetic Differences: purple mucus on bottom jaws, blue eyes, three pairs horns on head, longer tusk, poisonous gas steaming from body, missing a tusk, and bright purple tail.

Explanation: This Tetsukabura is an old individual that has lived for a long time and avoided contact with hunters for a long time. It was discovered to be an old Tetsukabura and it was discovered that as they get older they start to gain toxins in their body and on their skin. Strangely, these toxins seem to prevent them from being infected by Goa Magara and Shagaru Magara.

Chance of Appearing: 3%

New Attacks and Moves:

Unlike the HC Tetsukabura, the Tainted Tetsukabura is always in Rage Mode.

All of the Tainted Tetsukabura's attacks and moves can poison hunters along with other aliments it usually has. This poison is Low Rank Poison.

Unlike the HC Tetsukabura, it has increased defense and attack.

The Tainted Tetsukabura's weakest points are now its back and underbelly.

The Tainted Tetsukabura's roar now requires High Grade Earplugs.

Now if any hunters are using any poison weapons against it. It will actually increase the strength of its toxins, making it High Rank Poison.

The Tainted Tetsukabura has all of the attacks and moves of the HC Tetsukabura along with 5 new attacks.

Herbivore Forklift: The Tainted Tetsukabura will first grab either a Popo, Aptonoth, or Rhenoplos. After picking them up with its mouth, it will begin to drool, covering the herbivore with poison before rushing forward and throwing them at hunters infront of it. Any hunters hit by the herbivore will be poisoned by it.

Cave In: The Tainted Tetsukabura will roar into the air, causing huge rocks to fall to the ground around it. After landing, the Tainted Tetsukabura will leap into the air and smash into the ground. When it smashs into the ground, rocks will rasie from the ground and will knock the huge rocks towards hunters.

Poisonous Regurgitation: After jumping at a hunter, this mighty amphibian will inflate its stomach before regurgitating its prey and spewing a powerful poison out of its belly a hunters. After doing this it will roar into the air.

Dirt Throw: The Tanited Tetsukabura swings its head left before using its jaws to throw dirt at the hunters infront of it. This dirt will poison hunters.

Jaw Breaker: The Tainted Tetsukabura opens its mouth and lets poison drool out of its mouth before jumping forward grabbing a hunter. It will throw them in the air before swallowing them whole. When they land in its mouth, it will then hop around wildly while their inside its stomach, while the hunter mashs buttons to get out of the beast. After afew seconds, it will spit them out before grabbing them with its jaws and crushing them with it. If the pin fails, then it will regurgitate the hunter and taunt for afew seconds.

HC Goa Magara

Title: Black Sunset Wyvern

Status Aliments: Feral Wyvern Virus, Poison

Aesthetic Differences: purple claws, red tail tip, hair on front legs, purple veins on neck to back, purple scales leaking from wings, and longer antennae while in Feral Wyvern Mode.

Explanation: A strange mutation of Goa Magara that has taken a longer time to change into Shagaru Magara. From this it has developed differently from others of its kind and has changed its fighting skills. It is believed that this monster goes through one more stage before molting into a Shagaru Magara.

New Attacks and Moves:

Now all of the HC Goa Magara's attacks cause Feral Wyvern Virus.

From the hairs on its front legs, it now leaves behind spheres of the virus infront of it and not just behind it.

Its wing claws and tail poison any hunters hit by them.

Now the HC Goa Magara will spawn in random areas each time hunters fight it.

Sky always covered in hairs while in area, making the area darker.

Infected Mist: Now when the HC Goa Magara roars, a bunch of scales and hairs will cover its body for a short period of tim and cover its body. It will cover the it for afew seconds before disappearing. While its covered in them, its attacks using the virus are increased in power and any hunters near it will be infected by the virus.

Virus Sphere Summon: It will flap its wings 3 times, causing small spheres of the virus to appear on the ground. 3 rows of these spheres will appear around the Goa Magara before it bites the air. When it bites down, it will cause the spheres round it to explode randomly around it ,like Shagaru Magara in Rage Mode, for 10 seconds.

Super Shadow Breath: It rears back its head with purple smoke coming out of its mouth before shooting a stronger version of the Goa Magara's infected breath. This version of it has a longer range and is done faster.

Double Shadow Shots: Now when the HC Goa Magara shoots the three globs of the irus, it will shoot an additional ones with the normal ones.

Eclipse Spit: The HC Goa Magara runs towards the hunter before jumping into the air and shooting 4 globs of the virus around the hunter before shooting down a large one on the hunter. The first four interestingly cause quake.

Nightmares Control: While flying, the HC Goa Magara will fly backwards before shooting a storm of its hairs at the hunter from its wings, dealing a large amount of damage.

Comet Charge: While charging forward, a purplish enegry will cover its head while flying forward increasing the size of its charges hitzone. The farther a hunter is the stronger the attack and sometimes this a can OK hunters.

Virus Slam: The HC Goa Magara flys high into the air before diving to the ground and smashing into the ground. When it smashs into the ground, multiple Shadow Shots will fly at hunters around it and some may even chase the hunters down before exploding.

Feral Wyvern Mode Attacks and Moves:

Dual Swords: Similar to Rajang(4th Gen), it will pull out two of the ruins/bones in Ruins Field/Primeval Forest/Unknown Great Forest with both wing claws. When it pulls them out, it will use them attack hunters and kinda use them like Dual Swords. When its done using them, it throw them at hunters before fighting thm normally. The average time it uses them is about 2 minutes.

Double Hunter Grapple: The HC Goa Magara will jump backwards before using one claw to grab a hunter and jumping forward to grab another with its other claw. Once it has two hunters, it will continue to fight normally and will occasionally use them like Dual Swords. Hunters must try their best to get out of its grip because the claws also poison the hunters. If hunters take to long to get out of its claws, it will look both hunters before crushing them with its claws and throwing them at another hunter for more damage.

Bull's Charge: Similar to a bull, it will use its wing claws to dig up the ground before charging forward with its antennae down at hunters, trying to gore them with it. After the charge, if any hunter is hit by the antennae they will impaled by it and the HC Goa Magara will shake them off it.

Explosive Virus Chain: Sparks appear in its mouth before it shoots them on the ground making a huge explosion before repeating it making another explosion. After the second one, it will jump into the air and shoot a huge explosive spark on the hunter, exploding in their face.

Shadow Goa Magara

Title: Black Solstice Wyvern

Status Aliments: Feral Wyvern Virus, Poison, Dizzy

Aesthetic Differences: purple claws, red tail tip, hair on front legs, purple veins on neck to back, purple scales leaking from wings, and antennae always exposed.

Explanation: The last stage of the HC Goa Magara before molting into a Shagaru Magara.

Chance of Appearing: 1%

New Attacks and Moves:

The Shadow Goa Magara has all of the HC Goa Magara's attacks and moves.

It is always dark in a area while its in an area.

The Shadow Goa Magara already has its antennae exposed, even when its not in Feral Wyvern Mode.

When enraged, its tail will glow red and it the virus will leak out of its heat sensing organs.

Strangely, hunters can't break parts on its body.

Infected Roar: Now when it roars, hairs will burst from under it and cover the ground around it. If hunters are hit by them, they will get Dizzy.

Super Claw Slams: Now just by slamming its wing claw, it causes Quake.

Shadow Mode: After losing 50% of its health, it will put its wing claws over its face before falling to the ground seemingly dead. After afew seconds, a purple smoke appears around its mouth and, a burst of hairs and scales surround the Goa Magara before the Goa Magara roars. The hairs and scales disappear, and its whole body is covered with the virus. Its antennae are now red in color.

Now Virus Spheres randomly appear in the area and the virus begins to rain from the sky.

Now its Shadow Breath has increased in range and size.

The Shadow Goa Magara can combine its attacks with other attacks but its random which attacks it will do.

While in Shadow Mode, it gains increased attack, defense, and speed.

The Shadow Goa Magara gains 4 new attacks while in Shadow Mode.

Rampaging Bull's Charge: The Shadow Goa Magara will dig up dirt before rushing forward at the hunter. In the middle of the charge, the Goa Magara will stand on its hind legs thrust forward and backwards with its horns as if a hunter jumped on its back.

Infected Wing Claws: While in Shadow Mode, it wing claws will be burning with the virus and, each of its attacks will cause both Poison and Feral Wyvern Virus. When near the claws, it will decrease the hunters health as if they were in a hot environment. Its wings will also occasionally glow white and a hunters health will decrease as it holds them with its claws.

Crushing Claw Slam: Flys up into the air, before using is wing claws to slam down on the ground. Slamming into the ground rocks will rise around it, knocking any hunters not hit by the claws up into the air above it before it shoots an explosive burst in the air, causing them to fly backwards after the attack. Any hunters caught by its claws will be grabbed by it and pinned to the ground before it tosses them at the other hunters.

Darkness Summon: The Shadow Goa Magara will spread its wings and spin into the air before roaring like Shagaru Magara. When it roars, the area will become darker and huge blobs of the virus will rain from the sky, darker than usual, causing Poison and Feral Wyvern Virus. When they land, the spheres make hunters Dizzy. This attack will last for 15 seconds before the Shadow Goa Magara lands and taunts.

When the Shadow Goa Magara dies, its back will split open and two huge bright white wings will burst out of its back and, two horns will come out revealing itself to be the powerful Shagaru Magara. But this isn't a normal Shagaru Magara but a G-Rank Shagaru Magara! Once it bursts from its back, it will fly into the air before flying off into the unknown. Hunters will still be able to carve the husk of the beast.

HC Kechawacha

Title: Strange Orange Fox Monkey

Status Aliments: Waterblight, Defense Down

Aesthetic Differences: longer ears, gray fur on tail tip, orange eyes with red pupils, and more muscle mass on body.

Explanation: The HC Kechawacha is an old Kechawacha that has become both smarter and stronger over years after being attacked by multiple threats, including hunters.

New Attacks and Moves:

Its roars now require High Grade Earplugs.

Now the HC Kechawacha will only go to areas with branches and other things to climb on.

Now while fighting it, it will constantly fold its ears over its face, making it harder to use Sonic Bombs on it.

When struck by a Sonic Bomb, it will instantly go into Rage Mode.

Masked Scare: The HC Kechawacha will jump into the canopy before running above the hunter and popping infront of them upside. After so, it will unfold its ears and shoot a water glob at the hunters face before landing on its feet.

Double Claw Slam: It jumps and spins in the air before slamming its claws down into the ground and, jumping up again and repeating the attack. This attack will cause Quake on both ground and the canopy.

Altaroth Juices: It will stick its claws into a Altaroth Nest and dig its claws into the nest, smashing afew Altaroth before taking out its claws. From the Altaroth's body fluids, its claw based attacks will be able to cause Defense Down.

Hide and Seek: When its enraged, it will sometimes glide in a hidden part of the area and hide from the hunters. The hunters will than have to look for it though it will stick its head out of its hiding spot every few seconds. Once a hunter comes to close to its hiding spot, it will glide and claw swipe forward.

Branch Pull: The HC Kechawacha will use its claws to pull down branches above it, causing massive damage. This attack is done in similar style to the HC Gogomoa's attack.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

When infected, it gains a speed boost and a attack boost.

Its roars covers farther range.

All of its attacks cause Feral Wyvern Virus, including normal status affects.

While infected, it gains 2 new attacks.

Tail Pull: It drags its tail on the ground before gliding forward, hooking a hunter with its tail, and continuously gliding until the hunter hits a ledge are a wall.

Trunk Spray Down The HC Kechawacha will jump backwards before shooting a huge stream of water at the hunters from its trunk, that sends it flying backwards. When it flys backwards, it will deal a bit of damage to hunters behind it, when its shot backwards from the force.

HC Lagombi(4th Gen.)

Title: Frozen Rabbit Beast

Status Aliments: Iceblight, Snowman, Soiled

Aesthetic Differences: longer ears, white spots on belly, frozen claws, and brown fur on back.

Explanation: Truly one of natures wonders and mysteries, even to the Guild. Its unknown how these monsters gain their frozen ice-tipped claws but many believe its due to them hunting in cold water. Most hunters agree that it is some type of mutation of Lagombi.

New Attacks and Moves:

The HC Lagombi now instantly goes into Rage Mode when struck by a Flash Bomb or a Sonic Bomb.

Now to leave an area, it will dig underground to another area.

From its frozen claws, its claw swipes now cause Iceblight.

The snowballs it throws/rolls at hunters is larger than usual.

Snowball Slide: Now when it slides on the ground, snowballs will fly from both sides beside it while sliding forward.

Rage Mode: The HC Lagombi will slam its claws to the ground violently before roaring. Its roar does damage to anyone near it.

Rotten Carcass: In certain areas, the HC Lagombi can dig up carcasses from its hidden food storages, under the snow, using the dead bodies as projectiles against hunters and enemies. From the rotten smell of the carcass, the smell we actually stick to any hunters hit by the carcass. This will cause Soiled to hunters hit by the carcass.

Snowball Fight: It will walk forward while looking at a hunter before quickly standing up and throwing 2 snowballs at the hunter. It will then grab a huge chunk of ice and throw it at the hunter. In Rage Mode, it will throw 4 snowballs instead of 2.

Bear Hug: The HC Lagombi backs up before lunging towards a hunter. If a hunter is hit by the attack they will fall to the ground before the Lagombi turns around and picks them up with its paws. Once it grabs them, it will hold them before it begins to seemingly hug them for afew seconds. After afew seconds, it begins to squeeze them and flare them around like Rajang. If the hunter takes to long to get out of the pin, it will throw them to the ground before jumping into the air and landing on its butt before rolling off the hunter.

Snow Breath: In a similar style to Blangonga, it will rear back before breathing a stream of snow and ice at the hunters. This attack covers a short range and, causes Iceblight and Snowman.

Bear Traps: The HC Lagombi will dig underground and make multiple holes for hunters to fall in. These traps cause a Pitfall affect to hunters that step in them. If a hunter falls in one, they will have to mash buttons in order to get out of the hole but their open to attacks from hunters.

Snow Dust: When the HC Lagombi swipes it leaves behind trails of snow in the air that can instantly Snowman a hunter close to it.

Volleyball Smack: It will prepare to roll a snowball at the hunters. When it throws it in the air, it will quickly jump up and smack at a random hunter. The ball will break into 4 different snowballs that fly in 4 different directions, that instantly snowball hunters near them.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

When its infected, its attack power increases and its speed increases dramatically from before.

Now its physical attacks cause Feral Wyvern Virus.

While infected, it gains 3 new attacks.

Rampaging Claw Slams: It will violently smash the ground around it 3 times in similar style to Kechawacha.

Super Butt Slam: The HC Lagombi will jump into the air before slamming into the ground with its butt. This time rocks will pop up around it when it does the attack, causing hunters to fly in the air.

Mad Snowball Fight: The HC Lagombi will growl and roar before tossing multiple ice chunks at the hunters, wildly and randomly across the area like a maniac. It will turn around randomly while throwing the ice across the area. While it does this it is open for attacks but when its finished it will slide in a complete circle around the hunters.

HC Rathalos and HC Rathian(4th Gen.)

Title: The Fire Wyvern Duo

Status Aliments: Fireblight, Poison, Paralysis

Aesthetic Differences:

HC Rathalos - brighter red, developed muscles on wings and legs, and raised spikes on back.

HC Rathian - brighter green, developed muscles on wings and legs, pink thorns on body, and pink wing and foot claws.

Explanation: Both of these powerful fire wyverns are older indiviuals but there is something majorly differently about them. Unlike Raths of other regions, these two wyverns work as a team while hunting and fighting of threats.

New Attacks and Moves:

HC Rathalos(4th Gen.):

The HC Rathalos now has a High Grade Roar.

His fireballs now have a wider range and are more powerful than before.

He now causes Dragon Wind Pressure.

When hit by a Flash Bomb, he will instantly go into Rage Mode.

Triple Claw Slash: It will fly into the air before trying to slash its claws into a hunter. After the first slash, it will target you again immediately and try to slash forward 2 more times. After the last slash it will go into the air and slowly fly down before hovering.

Los Tail Flip: The HC Rathalos will take 3 steps backwards before tail flipping into the air like the Rathian. Unlike the Rathian, his tail flip will paralysis hunters.

Fire Tornado: Now when he jumps backwards, he will spit out a tornado of fire that is sent flying backwards instead of a fireball.

Spinning Charge: While hovering, he will fly high into the air before spinning at a hunter random. While spinning, he will prepare its claws for a strike before hooking his claws into a hunter and jumping backwards, sending a tornado at them. This attack alone causes both Poison and Fireblight and, can most likely instant kill some hunters.

Stream of Fire(Sky): The Rathalos will prepare to do a Wyvernfire while flying but will instead shoot a stream of fire at hunters like Teostra. The stream of fire will be shoot briefly to the ground before being shot quickly left to right.

Double Fireball-Claw Slash Combo: He will shoot 2 fireballs downwards while flying in the air before instantly attacking a random hunter with his powerful poisonous claws.

HC Rathian(4th Gen.):

The HC Rathian now has a High Grade Roar.

Her fireballs now have a wider range and are more powerful than before.

Now when she charges in Rage Mode, she will cause Quake with each step.

When she is hit by a Flash Bomb, she will instantly go into Rage Mode.

Super Tail Flip: Now when she does her Tail Flip, she will send 3 different rocks at hunters.

Double Aerial Sweep: The HC Rathian will backwards into the air before diving and, quickly turning around and diving at the hunters again.

Wyvernfire Shield: She will rear her head back before shooting a wyvernfire. Unlike the normal one, the fiery explosions will explode around her like Teostra's explosive powder.

Tail Spin: She will put her tail by her face before doing a tail spin similar to Jho's Twirl Attack. This attack will cover the Rathian's front rear view.

Stream of Fire(Land): The HC Rathian will begin to have fire puff out of her mouth before she shoots a stream of a fire infront of her while roaring. After the stream of fire is shot, she will taunt for afew seconds. In Rage Mode, she will instantly connect the attack into a Tail Flip before taunting.

Tail Spin-Wyvernfire Combo: She will put her tail on her face before doing a tail spin but right after she does it, she will quickly back up and shoot a huge explosion of fire at the hunters.

Cooperative Attacks and Moves:

When hunters hunt them in a dual quest, they will always be in the same area with each other and will follow each other through out the whole quest.

When one of them go into Rage Mode, the other will also go into Rage Mode.

When they cooperate, they gain 4 new attacks that requires both of them.

Hooked Dive: Both the Rathalos and the Rathian will fly into the air before locking claws and, diving down at one of the hunters before splitting up and pinning down two hunters before mauling them to death. After biting them two times, they will throw the hunter at the other and bite maul the other hunter instead.

Dual Fiery Breath: Both of them will combine their fiery breaths before causing a massive explosion with them. They will fly backwards after doing so.

Cooperative Poisonous Strike: The Rathalos will at the hunters before seemingly leave the area while the Rathian stands in place and continues the fight normally before the Rathalos' roar is heard. The Rathian will fly towards a hunter and Tail Flip them into the air before the Rathalos grabs them with its claws. He will than dive down and smash the hunter into the ground, adding more poison to their body, before flying off next to the Rathian preparing another attack.

Rock Smash: After doing the previous attack above, they will roar before flying and smashing into the ground, sending hunters flying into the air. While in the air, the Raths will prepare to shoot a huge burst of fire at the hunters in the air causing massive damage. This attack is done in similar style to the UNKNOWN's.

Infected Attacks and Moves:

While infected, the Raths gain a attack boost and defense boost.

Now all of their physical attacks cause Feral Wyvern Virus.

Strangely, these two don't gain any new attacks while infected.

HC Kirin(4th Gen.)

Title: The Surging Phantom Brute

Status Aliments: Thunderblight, Paralysis

Aesthetic Differences: blue eyes, lightning surging on feet, brighter blue horn, lightning covering horn in Rage Mode, and patches of its fur are brighter than usual.

Explanation: This elusive Elder Dragon seems to be an old Kirin that has learnt a lot over the years. It is rumored that during Mating Season, the female's horns will glow brighter than usual and they will turn a lot more aggressive than usual.

New Attacks and Moves:

Thunder Pound: The HC Kirin will jump into the air before trying to land on a hunter. When it lands, it will cause a thunder sound that causes hunters to cover there ears like they were hit by a roar. This sound requires atleast Low Grade Earplugs.

Walking Lightning Summon: It will slowly walk towards a hunter while summoning multiple lightning strikes around it, that prevent hunters from attacking it. The lightning strikes are instantaneous and come down with little warning. After walking were the hunter was at, it will stand on its hind legs and taunt for a second or 2.

Instantaneous Charge: It will count for afew seconds before charging forward, leaving a trail of lightning. It charges so fast that it seemingly teleports. After the charge, it will kick backwards 3 times. The HC Kirin will also leave behind a trail of lightning on the ground, that surges on the ground for afew seconds before disappearing. If hunters step into the lightning, they will instantly be paralyzed by the lightning.

Super Lightning Summon: The Kirin will rear back before summoning lightning from the sky. Before the lightning is summoned, the Kirin will jump into the air and summon multiple lightning strikes infront of it. After they all strike the ground, the Kirin will shake its head once and more multiple lightning strikes will hit the ground instantaneously, without warning.

Lightning Hair Throw: It will jump before spinning in the air and throwing its hairs at the ground around it. These hairs will slowly glow brighter before exploding into a surge of electricity before paralyzing hunters.

Triple Homing Lightning Strike: The HC Kirin will shake its head multiple times before rearing up and summoning a lightning strike to hit a hunter. It will than summon another one before jumping backwards and summoning an extremely large version of its lightning strike.

HC Seltas Queen

Title: Heavy Armored Princess Bug

Status Aliments: Waterblight, Soiled, Paralysis

Aesthetic Differences: Spiky legs, green blood stained mandibles, sharper stinger at the end of tail, blue eyes, and white pincers on tail.

Explanation: A Seltas Queen that has cannibalized multiple Seltas to a point to where her life style is starting change to point where she needs one with her at all times.

New Attacks and Moves:

The HC Seltas shares the same attacks as the normal Seltas Queen.

Pheromone Spray: Seltas Queen will raise her tail and spray pheromones from the stinger on her tail at hunters in front of her much like Akura Vashismu. Her pheromones will cause Soiled and Paralysis.

Seltas Beatdown: Like her subspecies, she will grab a hunter with her tail pincers before placing them on her back. The HC Seltas will than land on her back and begin to stab the hunter with his claws while she continues to fight the other hunters. If hunters fail to get out of the pin, she will shake off the hunter before the Seltas picks her up and body slams her on the hunter.

Soiling Charge: Instead of her normal charge, she will steam stinky pheromones from her body before charging forward at hunters and stopping dead at her tracks. After the charge she will spray the pheromones under herself.

Double Tail Spin: She swipes her tail while turning in a complete circle .

Seltas Dart Throw: HC Seltas Queen will grab the HC Seltas before throwing him much like a dart at hunters and the Seltas will stick to the ground before buzzing wildly while getting out of the ground, causing Windpress. The Seltas Queen will walk towards the Seltas before pulling him out.

Seltas Knife: The HC Seltas Queen will grab the Seltas and use the Aruserutasu a knife, stabbing his canopy into the ground before putting him back on her back.

Power Up!: She will send the HC Seltas to another area while she continues to fight the hunters alone. He will than comeback to the area with a corpse of another monster before dropping in front of her and defending her while she feeds on it. By eating the corpse, she will gain some of health back.

Knight's Protection: If knocked down/KO'd by hunters, the HC Seltas will fly down and attack the hunters while she gets back on her feet.

Seltas Replacement: She will call for a normal Seltas and will seemingly replace the HC Seltas. As he slowly lands, the HC Seltas will knock the normal Seltas on her back before she quickly grabs with her pincers and slamming him into the ground violently, killing the normal Seltas before the HC Seltas lands on her. She will than feed on the unfortunate Seltas to regain some of her health.

Princess's Escape: Now when she leaves the area, the HC Seltas will carry her to the next zone in the air.

Seltas Shield: If the normal Seltas is dead in the area, she will pick up his dead and use it like a shield while charging forward at hunters. After charging, she will throw it at her right side before charging.

HC Najarala

Title: Constricting Snake Wyvern

Status Aliments: Paralysis and Stun

Aesthetic Differences: Longer plates on back, missing an eye, cloudy grey eye, yellow fangs, yellow mouth, and blue forked tongue.

Explanation: A battle-hardened male Najarala.

New Attacks and Moves:

The HC Najarala shares the same attacks as the normal Najarala.

Spitting Rala: The Najarala will rear up and spread its plates like a cobra before spitting a paralyzing venom at hunters in front of it. This attack will paralyze any hunters hit by it.

Plate Barrage: It will roar loudly before rattling its tail and swing its tail multiple times in front of it. While doing so, it will send a barrage of plates, from its tail, at hunters while turning. After throwing a certain number of plates, it will burrow underground along with revealing its tail while underground before shaking its tail, causing the plates to explode. After the attack, it will try to ambush a hunter from underground.

Fog: Now while circling around hunters, it may spin around rapidly to cause knock dirt up and cause a fog effect around the area.

Drunken Paralysis Charge: It will begin to drool before charging hunters dead on and instantly doing its paralyzing spit. After so, it will lick its tongue around its mouth to get the drool off.

Tail Uppercut: Najarala will burrow into the ground before launching its tail out of the ground and knocking hunters in the air. It will than shoot paralyzing venom in the air to hit hunters and to instantly paralysis them when they land on the ground.

Poison Puddle Trap: It throws its plates around a poisonous puddle before trying to knock hunters into the puddle with its tail. It will than circle around the puddle and get tighter around the hunters before partially burrowing into the ground and launching upwards under hunters. Najarala will than rattle its back plates, causing the plates on the ground to explode under hunters and send them flying.

It's A Trap!: The HC Najarala will pretend to leave the area before quickly turning around and rushing the hunter. The hunter will than fall to the ground and the Najarala will continue with the attack by wrapping its tail around one hunter and constricting another with its coils. It will than fight other hunters by constantly spitting paralyzing venom out of its fangs and roaring at the other hunters while it constricts the other two hunters. If hunters fail to get out of its pin, it will either throw both hunters into a poisonous puddle or just throw them at other hunters.

Notes about the HCs and their Variants

  • Interestingly, the HC Aruserutasu is rarely seen with normal Generu Serutasu.
  • The Tainted Tetsukabura is based on both the G-Rank Gypceros and the Poison Dart Frog.
  • Similar to the Phantom Doragyurosu, the Shadow Goa Magara has a special trophy item called the Umbra Sol Hairs that can only be obtained by hunting it.
  • The HC Rathalos(4th Gen.)and the HC Rathians(4th Gen.)designs are based on Monster Hunter Frontier's HC designs.
  • Interestingly, the HC Seltas Queen has a strong bond with the Seltas and wouldn't actually try to kill him.
    • If the HC Seltas is killed in battle, she will be put into a permanent Rage Mode much like the HC Nono Orugaron and will stay in one area for the reminder of the hunt.

More HCs

If anyone has any more ideas for HC 4th Generation Monsters, just leave a comment and we will try to post as soon as possible.

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