After a while of seeing HC Monsters in MHFO, I decided I wanted to post some of my ideas for HC Monsters.The only thing is I'm choosing monsters that only appear in the 3rd Gen MH Games (or who are revamped like the Rathalos and Diablos). With that being said, let's begin.

  • Taken over by Cottonmouth255

HC Qurupeco

Aesthetic Differences: green eyes, larger vocal sac, brighter colors on its tail when enraged, additional yellowish sheen on it's back

Status Ailments: Fireblight, Sleep, Defense Down

New Attacks and Moves:

Additional Boss Summon: Can now summon 2 bosses during a single quest.

Tail-Mucus Combo: While doing it's tail swipe, it will spit 2 mucus balls while doing it twice.

Fiery Flints: Similar to Brachydios, it will cover both flints with mucus and then clap both together to put it's flints on fire (Only can be done in Rage Mode).The flints will stay on fire for 2 minutes.

Advancing Flint-Mucus Combo: It will punch with both flints two times before flying back. If it does it in Rage Mode, it will fly back while shooting 3 mucus balls and if it's flints are on fire, then it will add fireblight if it punchs you.

Fake-Out Charge: Charges briefly before shooting mucus while flying back.

Backflip: Similar to the Rathian's Backflip while in the air. Will cause wind press if your close to the attack.

Aerial Tail Gust: An attack where it charges forward in the air, similar to Rathalos. It ends the attack by stopping and flicking its tail upwards, which creates a gust of wind that sends the hunter flying far across the area.

HC Agnaktor

Aesthetic Differences: longer beak (similar to the Glacial Agnaktor's), glowing blue eyes that leave streaks behind, pointier back fin

Status Ailments: Fireblight

New Attacks and Moves:

Call for Help: It can summon Uroktors by raising its head and screaming, similar to the Great Jaggi. The Uroktors it summons are twice as large as usual and can shoot small lava beams instead of fireballs.

Lava Geyser: When it pecks at the ground, or burrows into it, a geyser of lava will appear in the vicinity.

Super Lava Beam: Twice as wide as a normal Agnaktor's Lava Beam.

Rock Slide: It will aim its head upward (only in areas that have a ceiling) and shoot a sweeping beam at the ceiling. As the beam travels along the ceiling, rocks will fall wherever it goes, tumbling down on the hunter.

Backup Call: Instead of doing a 180 beam right after emerging from underground, it will first call on three Uroktors that will shoot sweeping beams of their own while it does the usual one.

Pinning Ambush: It will jump completely out of the lava and slide straight at the hunter, coiling around the hunter like a snake if it connects and doing continuous damage.

U-Turn Slither: When it slides, it sometimes will stop almost instantly, turn back around, and slide again.

Slide-Beam Combo: Slides forward towards the hunter, before quickly turning arounding and shooting a sweeping beam.

HC Barioth

Aesthetic Differences: more spikes on tail, longer tusks, a scar through one eye, one tusk slightly larger than the other

Status Ailments: Iceblight, Snowman, Frostbite

New Attacks and Moves:

It can do any attack that Barioth can do in MH3, MHP3, and MH3U.

Super Tornado: Similar to the Sand Barioth, it can create a massive ice tornado and use it to spin around onto the hunter.

Double Wall Pounce: Pounces once, instantly jumps back to the wall, and pounces on a different target.

Triple Forward Lunge: Lunges forward and bites downwards, and then repeats twice.

Tornado-Tail Combo: Does a Tail Scrape attack, and then immediately does an Ice Tornado attack.

Charged Tail Scrape: Does a Tail Scrape, but with a one-second pause at the start. It will then scrape its tail even more forcefully on the ground, causing three snowballs to fly.

Charged Ice Ball: Similar to the Orange Espinas, it rears on its hind legs, pauses for a few seconds, and then jumps into the air while firing a massive tornado. When enraged, it can immediately use the tornado to spin onto a target.

Frozen Tusk: When enraged, its tusks will freeze over. While the tusks are frozen, its biting attacks cause more damage as well as Iceblight.

Ice Boulder: When enraged, the HC Barioth will dig its claws and tusks into the ground and throw a gigantic chunk of ice at the hunter. Its weight causes it to hit the ground only a short distance from the Barioth, although it will continue to roll slowly and randomly around the arena. When enough time has passed, it will explode and fling ice chunks all over the place, causing the Frostbite status.

HC Great Wroggi

Aesthetic Differences: purple eyes, purple tinge around the black parts of the Great Wroggi's body, and larger poison sac

Status Ailments: Poison, Poison-Snowman

New Attacks and Moves:

Poison Gas: Rears up on its hind legs, then crouches down and emits poison, similar to Uragaan.

Pollute: It shoots poison down on the ground to make poison puddles on the ground.

Double Hip Check: Does two Hip Checks in a row.

Tail Whip: Smacks tail on hunter and than swipes it multiple times to make the hunter dizzy.

Poison Mode: When it makes it to 50% health, it will turn to a purplish-orange tint and will gain an increase in aliment and defense.

Poison Rain: This attack can only be done in Poison Mode. Great Wroggi will make a deep growl before shooting a large poison smoke cloud in the air, that will start raining like rain, and will inflict Poison for about a minute.

Fake-out Spit: Does a Poison Mist start-up animation, then suddenly attacks the hunter with one of its physical moves.

Poison Ball: Crouches, then squirts a ball of toxins, similar to Iodrome.

Sticky Poison Spit: It shoots a ball of poison, much darker than usual, on the hunter that puts them in a Snowman-like state. This state both drains health and doesn't allow you to use your weapon. The only way to get out is by using a Cleanser.

Poison Pindown: Jumps on the hunter like a Velocidrome and, then pins them down before it begins to spit on them like crazy. If the hunter fails to get out, it will use its Sticky Poison Spit on you, making the hunter helpless.

HC Stygian Zinogre

Aesthetic Differences: broken horn, spikes always exposed (even when not enraged) and deeper roars, howls and growls

Status Ailments: Dragonblight, Iceblight, Fireblight

New Attacks and Moves:

Can skip two charges by going into Shock Traps.

Can charge up even while fully enraged, going into "Super Dragon Mode".

Dragonbug-Power Charge Combo: Can summon Dragon Bugs while charging up.

Tornado-Backslam Combo: Combines its Tornadic Tail Flip with its Backslam attack.

Double Claw Slap: Slams its claws twice on the ground in normal Stygian Zinogre fashion, then slams its paws simultaneously on the ground while releasing a burst of Dragon element.

Dragonbug Swarm: The HC Stygian Zinogre will rear onto its hind legs and howl, and any Dragonbugs wandering around will immediately rush the hunter. If they connect, they will trap the hunter in their midst and then drag the hunter over to the Stygian Zinogre. It will then Pin the hunter, plucking the hunter from the Dragonbug swarm and shaking the hunter around in its mouth.

Sentient Dragonbugs: Its Dragonbugs can wander around the map like Great Thunderbugs from MHFU.

Super Dragon Mode: Gives it an increase in speed and attack power, as well as 3 more attacks. Its look will change with Super Dragon Mode - it will have dragon bursting out of it's fur and a much darker look. Once in Super Dragon Mode, you won't be able to knock it out of this mode.

Dragon Burst: Shoots out Dragon combined with Ice (or Fire in the Volcano) out of its mouth.

Dragon Explosion: It will Backslam into the ground and then unleash a burst of dragon into the ground, forming a shockwave that soon explodes with Dragon energy. This attack has a wide range around the Stygian Zinogre.

Dragonbug Rain: It will howl into the air and call for Dragonbugs from all around the area to fall upon the hunter randomly around the map.

HC Volvidon

Aesthetic Differences: green and yellow bloodstains on body (from Altaroth and Bnahabra nests), and brown markings around face and claws (from dirt and mud)

Status Ailments: Fireblight, Paralysis, Soiled, Muddy

New Attacks and Moves:

Dung Breath: Shoots a soiling ball of gas from its mouth in the same manner as when it does a Paralyzing Spit, except with brown fumes emitting from its mouth.

Forceful Burrow: It will jump higher in the air than usual and break through the solid earth, causing a huge burst of fire or sand. If hit it will cause Fireblight or Muddy, depending on where it is fought.

Bug Pheromones: From it invading an large amount of bug nest, it has developed a scent similar to that of Altaroth and Bnahabra. So wherever the HC Volvidon happens to be, Altaroth or Bnahabra will endlessly spawn.

Bug Spit: Does the start-up animation for its Tongue Lash, except with pink fumes emitting from its mouth. It will then shoot a strange scent on hunters that make Altaroth and Bnahabra attack hunters

Dung Roll: Will roll at the hunter while releasing a horrible smell that causes the Soiled effect.

Triple Tongue Swipe:Walks forward while using its Tongue to hit people three times.

Tongue Bomb: Spits out a large ball of mud (in the Sandy Plains) or fire (in the Volcano) and holds the ball for a moment with its tongue. It will then use its tongue to slam it down on the ground. When the ball is slammed down, it covers a wide range around the HC Volvidon.

Claw-Tongue Combo: The HC Volvidon will smack the hunter down with a quick claw swipe, and then use its tongue to drag the hunter into its mouth for a Pin attack. If calm, the Volvidon will walk around idly and do continuous damage - it may even go into a different area during this phase. If enraged, it will madly shake the hunter around and actively chomp down continously, dealing significant damage each time.

HC Barroth

Aesthetic Differences: extra layer of Mud covering body, longer tail spikes, larger crown and darker red eyes

Status Ailments: Waterblight, Muddy, Paralysis

New Attacks and Moves:

All attacks it does (while covered in Mud) knocks off 5 pieces of Mud.

Paralyzing Bite: Does a Deviljho-style forward biting attack that causes Paralysis.

Mud Slam: Jumps out off bog into the air, before landing on it's back and rolling around the in the Mud. The landing will cause Mud to fly all over the map.

Bull's Charge-Twirl Combo: Does a Bull's Charge forwards, then abruptly stops and does a 360 degree spin, similar to Deviljho in MH3U.

Advance Mud Shake: Shakes of both the extra layer and normal layer of Mud off body. While doing this it will cause a small fog to appear around the Barroth, making it harder to see.

Rage Roar: Will raise head up higher than usual, before letting out a roar, that will damage you if you are up close.

Advancing Head Swing: The same thing as Deviljho's Head Swing, except with its crest instead of its jaws.

Mad U-Turning Mud Dash: Will prepare to do what seems to be a normal charge, and charge at hunter before doing two U-turns around the map. Mud will fly while it does this attack.

HC Deviljho

Aesthetic Differences: looks like an Savage Deviljho in "Rage Mode" when not in Rage and red eyes will leave trails of red similar to Nargacuga when enraged; face will turn red, dragon will cover arms and burst of dragon will come out any scars or wounds the Deviljho has (including it's chin, face and tail, if you cut/break them)

Status Ailments: Dragonblight, Fireblight, Iceblight, Waterblight, Defense Down, Soiled

New Attacks and Moves:

Has the speed and quicker recovery from the Deviljho in MH3.

Wyvern Breath Aftereffects: Its breath attack now leaves sparks on the ground for a few seconds which cause Defense Down.

Status Copy: Now when the Deviljho eats any type of meat, including from a monster, it gains the ailment from the meat/monster like Poison and Sleep. Its biting attacks when low on stamina will cause that ailment instead of Defense Down.

Fake-out Wyvern Breath: The HC Deviljho will back up to do its Wyvern Breath before connecting it into its Twirl attack.

Lunge-Stomp Combo: Can connect these two attacks similar to the G-Rank and Savage Deviljho.

Rock Fling: Deviljho's Advancing Head Swing now sends small rocks flying to do extra damage.

Speeding Dash: Taunts three times really fast before running at the hunter fast and trying to jump on the hunter.

Advance Pin Attack: It will back up and almost immediately try to pounce the hunter. Unlike it's normal Pin, rocks will pop up around it and make unaffected hunters Stunned.

Gastric Acid: Spits three balls on the ground that cause Soiled effect and Defense Down. In Rage Mode, the balls will land and explode after a short period of time similar to Brachydios and deal more damage.

Underground Ambush: Digs into ground as if to leave the area, but then erupts from below its target.

Meat Shield: If Herbivores are in the area with you with this Deviljho, then there is a good chance it will jump and grab on to the Herbivore and throw it towards the hunter. This attack does a decent amount of damage.

Devil's Eyes: Stares at hunter in group before leaving the area. It waits for the hunter to come into the next area before grabbing the hunter with its jaws and doing a special pin move. To avoid this pin you have to take a longer route to the area. It will grab the hunter and shake them in it's mouth. If you're not able to get out of its jaws you will lose one of each item and won't be able to get them back. It also gives the Jho more stamina, health, and an elemental boost.

True Savage Rage Mode: In this advanced Rage Mode, an arua of Dragon element will surround it's body, turning it blood red. It gains extra defense, an attack boost, and two new attacks.

Gas Rock: Grabs and eats a huge rock before throwing it up into the air and using its Wyvern Breath to blast it into pieces. As the rocks land on the HC Deviljho, the gas on them gives the Deviljho the ability to inflict Defense Down any hunter without having to be low on stamina.

Death Ball: The HC Deviljho shoots its Wyvern Breath into the air, and the energy will form a sphere. The ball will grow three times before Jho shoots a burst from its jaws to cause the ball to fly in the air. As the ball flies to the ground, the Jho will dig into the ground and after the sphere explodes, it will attempt its Underground Ambush attac. The ball covers the whole map and is unblockable, even with Guard Up. The ball can be evaded, however.

HC Tigrex Subspecies

Aesthetic Differences: enlarged horns, scar on face and back, darker tint on wings and claws, missing a few teeth, longer tail spikes

Status Ailments: Fireblight, Soiled

New Attacks and Moves:

Has all the attacks the HC Tigrex has.

Twister Attack: When it does its Spin attack, it will create a tornado around it.

Spin-Roar Combo: Combines its Advancing Spin with its Super Roar attack.

Earthquake Charge: Does its Rampage Charge, causing Quake effect, before roaring deafeningly. Its roar has a wider range.

Sweeping Wind Tunnel: Similar to Akantor's Wind Tunnel attack.

Omega Roar: It charges the hunter before doing its signature roar. As the roar ends, it starts to inhale even harder before producing a roar that causes rocks to fly in the air and lava geysers to form around it. After the roar, the Tigrex will be open to attack for a few seconds.

Swan Dive: The Tigrex flies up in the air before quickly diving down and landing on the hunter. This attack will cause the hunter to be Pinned, with the Tigrex repeatedly stomping on the hunter and biting occasionally.

Lava Throw: Digs into the ground before throwing 2 giant balls of lava at the hunter. The balls leave a trail of fire when thrown across the ground.

Caustic Drool: When low on stamina,the Tigrex Subspecies will constantly leave behind puddles of drool all over the area. They disappear after about 15 seconds, and cause Soiled when stepped in.

Heavy Smasher: Smashes both claws through the earth. After doing so, it slashes at the hunter with both claws before, smashing both claws into the ground again. This will cause the Quake effect.

HC Nibelsnarf

Aesthetic Differences: Bloodstains on teeth, "points" on gills are longer and pointier, uvula is slightly rounder, ridge on back has more "peaks"

Status Ailments: Waterblight, Muddy, Defense Down, Poison, Stun

New Attacks and Moves:

When it does its Gluttonous Charge attack, it will jump over any Barrel Bombs in its way, but not when enraged.

Super Sand Beam: Sucks up sand without doing the Sweeping Beam afterwards, then when it does a regular Sweeping Beam, it will be twice as large.

Helpless Flail: When fished out of the sand, it will flail around for a shorter amount of time, then perform two quick spins on its back before getting up.

Beam-Exhaust Combo: Does a regular Sand Beam, then follows up with a blast of sand from its gills.

Exhaust-Blast Combo: Likewise, it will blast sand from its gills, and then spray out more from its mouth.

Advanced Sand Rocket: Instead of a lunge from below, it will jump clear out of the sand, then home in on the hunter and dive back down in.

Bone Barrage: After it eats a Rhenoplos, it will perform an attack in which it spits the bones out at a hunter. The bones cause Stun status.

Mud-and-Sand-Beam: Can travel to Barroth's bog area, where its Sand Beam attacks cause high-grade Waterblight and Muddy status.

Gag Reflex: If its uvula sustains any kind of damage while it has fallen on its side, it will get up and throw up violently, causing Poison and Defense Down status. If the uvula is broken, the vomit will cover the entire area around the HC Nibelsnarf.

Gastric Blast: When low on health, it can perform a beam of stomach acid that Poisons hunters.

Tunneling Meal: When the HC Nibelsnarf decides to leave the area, it will roar deafeningly before burrowing out of sight. Then in the area it flees to, there will be no sign of it except for a shiny item. When a hunter tries to pick the item up, the Nibelsnarf will jump out of the sand and swallow them whole for a Pin attack. When the hunter breaks out, the Nibelsnarf will vomit them up, causing Poison and Defense Down.

HC Rathalos (3rd Gen)

Aesthetic Differences: larger spikes on back, longer spike on tail, talons with purple tints, black tints around face and yellow eyes with blue pupils

Status Ailments: Fireblight, Poison, Paralysis, Stun

New Attacks and Moves:

Flaming Claws: The Rathalos will set its claws on fire with one of its fireballs. Once it has set them on fire, any attacks with its claws will cause Fireblight for extra damage along with Poison. The claws will stay on fire for 3 minutes.

Ground Grab: Grips the ground with its claws before lifting up a chunk of it and throwing it at a hunter. In Rage Mode, it will do the same thing, but it will quickly grab another rock and throw it at the hunter before shooting a fireball at it, causing smaller rocks to fall upon the hunters. These rocks will make the hunter Stunned.

Herbivore Throw: When it is finish eating an Herbivore, it will pick up the body, fly up and then drop it on a hunter. Unlike the HC Deviljho's throw, the Los' is far weaker.

Ambush From Above: The HC Rathalos pretends to leave the area before quickly diving down towards the hunter. It will Pin down a hunter while at the same time, shoot a fireball towards another hunter, as if to chase them away, before attacking the hunter trapped in its claws.

Aerial Backflip: Similar to the Rathian's Backflip, but the main difference being Paralysis instead of Poison.

Tail Needle: Rises high into the air and shoots a single red barb from the end of its tail, which grows back immediately. This causes Paralysis.

King's Inferno: Charges fire in its mouth while flying, before shooting down 5 massive fireballs that cover half the area with fire, similar to the White Espinas.

Fire Tornado: Shoots a huge fireball down on the ground that turns into a tornado, which slowly moves around the map for about a minute.

HC Gigginox

Aesthetic Differences: purple veins on back leading to heat organs, poison marks on front and back legs, crimson colored underbelly and darker purple heat organs

Status Ailments: Poison, Sleep, Soiled

New Attacks and Moves:

All of its Poison attacks cause G-Rank poison damage.

Venom Birth: It's poison balls now contain one Giggi in each one.

Poison Fog: Everytime it goes into Rage Mode, it sprays poison all around it, covering half the area.

Giggi Bomb: Lays an egg sac on the ground that is filled with Giggi. After the egg is layed, it slowly turns a dark purple before exploding and flinging a few Giggi and poison at the hunter. If the Giggi hit, they will immediately latch onto the hunter.

Slime Coat: Now in Rage Mode, slime will coat the Gigginox's body, making your attacks do slightly less damage.

Giggi-and-Poison Hail Storm: The Gigginox lifts up its head and tail before releasing a mix of poison and Giggis into the air, looking similar to a Hail Storm.

Wall Hopping: It jumps from wall to wall before using a Poison Body Slam to jump to the ground.

Bone Block: Covers exits to other areas with saliva-coated bones to prevent escape. Hunters can climb over the bones, but some bones could cause Sleep or Soiled, depending on the color of the saliva that surrounds them.

Poisonous Flight: Climbs up on the ceiling before slowly gliding down and across the area, spreading Sleep combined with Poison around the cave.

Toxic Shot: Shoots one huge ball of Poison, Soiled, or Sleep on the ground before trying to Pin a hunter in a similar way to the Baleful Gigginox.

Advanced Roar: This roar creates a sonic aura around the Gigginox, sending hunters flying if they're within the shield.

HC Alatreon

Aesthetic Differences: purple eyes (glow in Rage Mode, blazing dark red in Ground Mode, dark blue in Flight Mode), dragon combined with thunder will appear around its horns in prechange, longer horns, missing spikes and fin on tail, bloodstains on claws

Status Ailments: Dragonblight, Iceblight, Fireblight, Thunderblight, Snowman, Frostbite, Stun

New Attacks and Moves:

Its attacking speed is wicked fast.

Ice Spikes are larger.

Cyclone: Now when it goes into Flight Mode, a tornado will form around it when it runs in a circle

Lightning-Icicle Rain: When it does its Lightning Glide, electric bolts and icicles will rain down behind it.

Ice Beam: Flies high in the air before unleashing a beam of ice that tracks and follows the hunter for 15 seconds. If hit, the beam will give you Frostbite and Iceblight.

Hyper Dragon Charge: Jumps back before charging faster than usual, summoning a larger Dragon Aura around it. It then jumps in front of the hunter before unleashing a burst of Dragon element towards the ground that surrounds the Alatreon.

Smoke Curtain: The Alatreon quickly flies over lava and uses its wings to force smoke into the Sacred Land, obscuring the hunters' vision.

Flying Horn Uppercut: Jumps back before flying towards the hunter and using its horn to thrust into the volcanic rock. Rocks fly around the Alatreon when it finishes the uppercut.

Unstable Fire Storm: Shoots a huge fireball in the air that explodes into smaller fireballs. The fireballs will Stun hunters if they're hit.

Elemental Roar: This roar is similar to it's normal roar but with a few twists. Dragon will surge from its body, lightning and ice spikes will rain down from the sky, and lava geysers will appear around it. This roar takes longer to complete than its normal one, and is used as an attack instead of an indication of Rage Mode.

Ground Pound: Jumps up in the air before landing hard. Causes lava geysers to erupt around it.

Glittering Black Dragon Mode: When the HC Alatreon reaches about 75% health, it will fall on the ground as if it was dead. It than begins to slowly get up from the ground. As it gets up, its color begins to change to a much darker black surrounded by glittering red-black dragon surges. Also glittering ice begins to cover its tail fin and make it appear larger, lightning covers its horns, and fire covers both claws and face. In this mode, the HC Alatreon is immune to all ailments, takes less elemental damage, its weakpoint changes to the wings, and its speed increases. This HC also gains several new attacks and, in this mode, icicles, lava geysers, and lighting will randomly appear in the area, causing damage.

Hurricane Winds: The HC Alatreon begins to flap its wings about seven times, and every flap slowly increases in speed. As it is doing this, a Wind Barrier forms around it and, lighting strikes and ice spikes strike the area more often in the area. After the last flap, it spins in a circle three times before stopping and trying to pull hunters in with the wind it is manipulating. Upon touching the tornado, the hunters will be blown high into the air and, upon landing, acquire Stunned status.

Flaming Dragon: The HC Alatreon flies high into the air before dive bombing into the lava. It than flies high up again and lands, back first, onto a target. Afterwards, it shakes off the remaining lava off of its body.

Raging Beast: A counter move that it does after being staggered. It jumps over the hunter before swinging its tail at them, sending snowballs flying at them. While doing this, lava geysers will appear around its head.

The True Hurricane: The HC Alatreon flies up into the clouds, where no hunter can see it. As it does this, smoke from the volcano begins to fill the area. The hunters are completely blind as a storm from all the elements rain down from the heavens. This attack lasts for 30 seconds. As it flies down, a barrier of wind, fire, lightning, water, and dragon cover it as it fights for 3 minutes.This barrier will cause all Blights if you get to close but will not knock you back.

HC Gobul

Aesthetic Differences: slightly longer teeth, two more whiskers, glowing yellow eyes, long tail spines, back spines slightly poke out from its back when not in Rage Mode, scar slashing down across eye (XD)

New Attacks and Moves:

Whisker Lash: It angles its head to the side and then jerks its head, slapping a hunter with its whiskers.

Flying Spines: Tail spines fly off whenever it does its Tail Whip, causing paralysis.

Barrel Roll Residue: Some back spines break off and remain in the ground for two minutes whenever it does its Barrel Roll attack. These spines cause paralysis if stepped on.

Numbing Ambush Residue: Spines also break off whenever the HC Gobul uses its Numbing Ambush attack, remaining embedded in the hunter's body and causing Paralysis every so often for ten minutes.

Double Flash Attack: It now does two lantern flashes in a row. The range of the lantern spans the entire area.

Venom Chomp: Its bite causes Paralysis.

Flying Fish: It can rocket out of the mud on land, landing on its back and causing its spines to break off into the ground when it gets up.

Land Vacuum: The HC Gobul can perform its Vacuum attack on land, rapidly sucking air into its lungs and drawing the hunter forward and into its mouth.

Triple Flip: In the water, it can extend its spines and flip over up to three times. This causes paralysis.

Feeding Time: The HC Gobul will first dive deep underwater, and then rocket up out from the depths, homing in on a hunter, and stop at the surface with a snap of its jaws for a Pin attack. If a hunter is caught, they will be trapped in the monster's jaws until they either break free or lose all of their health. During this attack, the Gobul will sink down to the seabed and chew, similar to the Zaboazagiru.

HC Arzuros

Aesthetic Differences: longer claws, palms and face are slightly yellow from honey, edges around "shell" are ragged.

Status Ailments: Poison

New Attacks and Moves:

Can steal two pieces of Honey, and three in Rage Mode.

Extended Fury Swipes: Can swipe with its claws up to 8 times, then up to 12 in Rage Mode.

Fish Flinger: New attack where it flings a fish from a stream or river at the hunter, stunning them.

Honey Mode: When it eats honey or steals it, the HC Arzuros' paws will drip with honey and become sticky. This "Honey Mode" allows it to steal a random item from your bag whenever it hits you with its claws.

Accidental Drop: When it goes down onto all fours in Honey Mode, it may leave Honey behind.

Rotten Residue: After a certain amount of time in Honey Mode, the honey will either completely drip off or stick to its paws and rot. When the latter happens, its claw attacks inflict Poison.

Insect Lure: Also in Honey Mode, Bnahabra and Altaroth will constantly spawn in the area the HC Arzuros is in.

HC Lagiacrus

Aesthetic Differences: larger dorsal spikes, blue eyes, white bands on back, legs, and tail, brighter red on spikes, horns, and claws, and scars on neck

Status Ailments: Thunderblight, Waterblight

New Attacks and Moves:

Has a much lower chance of leaving the water than the normal Lagiacrus.

This monster has all of Ivory Lagiacrus' attacks when on land.

Conductive Charge: Its Ball Lightning and biting attacks can cause your Thunder resistance to go down.

Expanded Aura: In "Rage Mode" its Supreme Shockwave can cover a much wider area.

Hip-Lightning Combo: Does a Hip Check, and then immediately goes into a Ball Lightning.

Barrel Roll: Does a Royal Ludroth-esque roll on the ground (only on land), where sand will coat its body and give it a brown, gritty texture. This raises its defense.

Thunder Slam: Jumps out of water before landing on its back into the water. As it slowly sinks to the ocean floor, it quickly recovers and shocks the area around it.

Lightning Surge: Charges a Ball Lightning and shoots electrical sparks into the water that cover a large area in front of the Lagiacrus. As it does this an Eletrical Aura will pop up around it every few seconds.

Heavy Thunderstorm: Swims rapidly in a circle around the map nine times. As it swims in a complete circle, bubbles will pop up around the Lagiacrus and around the area. As it swims for the 9th time, its bands, eyes, and dorsal spikes will glow a bright blue and it will qucikly swim into the middle of the map. It will then charge its Supreme Shockwave before it releases a High Grade Roar. Wherever the bubbles are indicates how far the Lightning will travel.

The Bubbles: Besides using the bubbles to transmit electricity with its Heavy Thunderstorm, it will use them to increase the range of some of its attacks.These will pop up randomly in some HC Quests in or near water.

Lightning Flash: Swims back before shooting a bright yellow Ball Lightning attack. This ball will cause a flash affect, similar to Gobul, when it impacts something. This covers a large range.

Thunder Tail: Smacks tail on water multiple times while the appendage sparks with electricity, creating multiple bubbles around it.

Electrical Charge: An electrical glow will spark all around its body and slowly turn from blue to yellow before it does a kind of teleporting charge. When it charges, it leaves a trail of lightning behind that lingers for a second.

Whirlpool: Sucks up a large amount of water, similarly to Ceadeus, as sparks appear around its body. It will than shoot a beam of water at the hunters, which will throw up huge clouds of sand and debris when it hits the ground.

HC Plesioth(3rd Gen)

Aesthetic Differences: ripped wings, longer head fin, teeth poke out from the bottom jaw when its mouth is closed

Status Ailments: Waterblight, Stun

New Attacks and Moves:

Can now do the Green Plesioth's Sweeping Water Beam.

Double Thrash: When it does its Thrash attack, it will immediately do another one, turning to face another direction as it lifts its tail above its head.

Dolphin Dive: HC Plesioth can jump in and out of the water similarly to Agnaktor to attack any hunters on the surface of the water.

Enraged Slither: Does a Diablos-style charge up to three times on land, which always ends with a Slithering Charge.

Water Bombs: Similar to Rathian, it can fire three water bombs in different directions.

Frenzy Mode: When under 50% health, it enters a "Feeding Frenzy". Its scales turn a slight red color and its back scales become a much darker blue. Also, its eyes glow yellow and leave streaks behind like Nargacuga's.

It has a few new attacks when in Frenzy mode:

Triple Sweeper: HC Plesioth can do the aforementioned Sweeping Water Beam up to three times consecutively.

Hydro Cannon: Similarly to Gravios or Gurunzeburu, it will hold its head and wings high before lowering its head and shooting a massive watery beam in front of it.

Flying Water Blasts: HC Plesioth can also jump straight up into the air and rain water bombs down, similar to Rathalos. It ends by slamming into the ground and doing a Slithering Charge.

Maelstrom: Underwater, it can do an attack similar to Amatsumagatsuchi - it assumes a pose in the water and sucks hunters in, then creates a massive whirlpool while swimming rapidly in circles.

Sharq Bait: When it gets enraged, it produces a deafening screech while fanning a pink pheromone into the water or land. On land, it Stuns the hunter if he/she gets too close. Underwater, it does the same thing but also summons Sharqs.

HC Nargacuga (3rd Gen)

Aesthetic Differences: gleaming wing blades, blade ends taper to a long, thin point, glowing red eyes when not enraged, more tail spikes, bloodstains on back fur

Status Ailments: Poison, Paralysis, Stun, Sleep

New Attacks and Moves:

Fake-Out Slash: Can do a Prowler Stance, slash three times with its wings, and then suddenly turn around and slash another three times.

Slam-Spin Combo: It can do a Tail Slam, and then pull its tail out at an angle, using the momentum to do a Tail Spin.

Spin-Slash Combo: It can do two Tail Spins in a row and chain them with a wing slash or two.

Tail Scrape: A new scraping tail move much like Diablos's.

The HC Nargacuga has several new tricks it can use with its tail spikes:

Flexible Tail Needles: It can throw tail darts backwards and to either side, using the same animation as its regular Tail Needles attack.

Needle Storm: Can fly up into the air and fly in a tight circle, raining needles down similarly to the HC Ancient Rathian.

Pounce-Needles Combo: After a pounce, it can immediately throw darts behind it at its initial target, if it missed.

Its tail needles stay in the ground for a time and cause continuous damage if one walks among them.

Outflanking Needle Attack: Can do a quick barrel roll to the side to outflank a hunter, and then quickly skewer them with a Tail Needles attack.

Venom Needles: Its deadliest attack involves it squashing fallen fruit with its tail, which causes the juices to rub off on its spikes. Then for the rest of the fight, all of its dart attacks will cause either Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, or Stun, depending on what fruit was smashed.

More HCs?

If anyone has any more ideas for HC 3rd Gen monsters, just leave a comment and I will post it shortly.

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