Gypsum Akantor
MHZ - Unknown Akantor (Dark Akantor)
Nicknames: U. Akantor
Titles: Dark Supreme Monster
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Akantor that dwells in an isolated island, littered with deep and dark, underwater caves. What it is and how it came to be lies in a pool of mysteries.
Species: Flying Wyvern (Pseudowyvern)
Habitats: Delphic Caverns
Other monsters in Relation: Akantor, Sandstone Ukanlos
Elements: Element - Dark (MHZ), Element - Wind (MHZ), 20px
Ailments: StatusEffect-Defence Down, 18px, StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ), 18px
Weaknesses: 20px / 20px when in Rage mode
Signature move: Wind Tunnel, Water Beam, Dark Aura
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English name: Gypsum Akantor

Romaji: An'nōn Akamutorumu

Japanese: 不明 アカムトルム

Size: Very Large

The Gypsum Akantor is an extremely rare subspecies of the Akantor, first introduced in Monster Hunter Z.

MHZ - Unknown Akantor (Dark Akantor)


The Gypsum Akantor is about one and a half times bigger than the regular Akantor. The scales on its back and outer shell are deep blue in colour, while the scales on its stomach have a lighter shade of blue. It also possesses three tusks as opposed to the regular Akantor's two. Because of the middle tusk extending from its lower jaw, Gypsum Akantor's lower jaw is longer and than its upper one, and is also unhinged. It also possesses spikes behind its skull. When enraged, its underside and eyes glow red; its eyes leaving a trail of light behind as it moves, similar to Nargacuga in rage mode. Instead of digging, they have adapted claws with flat pads on the bottom for swimming in the deep waters of the island it inhabits.


The Gypsum Akantor is very aggressive towards hunters and any other organism that enters its island. They are known for strangely targeting the hunter in the party wielding the weapon with the highest raw damage; a trait it shares with the Sandstone Ukanlos. When enraged, it becomes even more aggressive, and also gains new attacks.

It can also be battled underwater.


Gypsum Akantor, like its Akantor relative, is capable of using the new Wind element (Only the element is new; also applied to other monsters that use wind based attacks, like Kushala Daora) in a very powerful "Wind Tunnel" attack that covers an enormous area, inflicting windblight to a hunter. Hunters with windblight will be thrown high up in the air with every attack that hits them, including fellow hunters' attacks. Gypsum Akantor can also use its gargantuan claws to swim underwater effortlessly. It will also dive and go into area 2 of the Delphic Caverns, which is an area completely submerged in water. When hunters swim in this area, their health will decrease by 5 every 20 seconds due to the strange properties of the water. Gypsum Akantor is also capable of harnessing the water element in some attacks. Gypsum Akantor can also harness a little bit of the Dark Element.


The Gypsum Akantor possesses all of the regular Akantor's attacks as of Monster Hunter 4, along with some new ones. For example, a jumping attack, like that of Ukanlos and Odibatorasu, a 360 sweeping wind beam attack, a faster charge and a whirlpool summon which it uses underwater.

Also, when hit by its resurface attack, any hunter that is hit by its back spikes can avoid damage by timing the attack button correctly, allowing them to mount the Gypsum Akantor instantly to deal additional damage and to allow for extra attacks if successful (This also applies to the regular Akantor, although hunters will take damage while they are mounting, as if walking on a hot surface due to the Akantor swimming in lava. See Monster Hunter Z for more information on the improved Monster / Hunter to Environment relations.) While in battle, it will switch between area 1 and 2 of the Delphic Caverns map each time its health decreases by a quarter.

Attacks when on land (Area 1 of the Delphic Caverns)

Attack Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Charge Common High

Gypsum Akantor charges towards its target while roaring at them (not requiring earplugs). This attack may end in a Bite or a Slide.

In rage mode, Gypsum Akantor will be significantly faster and will home in on its target more accurately.

Rushing Charge Uncommon Very High Gypsum Akantor will first bite at the air and look at its target. It will then raise its right claw in the air and slam onto the ground, dealing moderate damage, before performing a rampaging charge similar to that of Black Tigrex's. None
Slide Performed after the charge High Gypsum Akantor will slide forwards while stretching its left claw out. None
Tail Swipe

Close - Common

Far - N/A

High Gypsum Akantor turns its tail to the left while emitting a small roar and bringing its head to the right, before bringing its tail down and dragging it along the ground to the right. None

Close - Common

Far - N/A

Moderate - High Gypsum Akantor brings its head back and bites at a hunter. StatusEffect-Defence DownDefence DownStatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ)Darkblight in rage
Dig Very Common High Gypsum Akantor will unearth some rocks, flinging them out to deal damage to hunters. It then goes into the water underground, leaving a violent splash behind. It may perform one of the three attacks below while underground, or it may leave to area 2. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down / 18px Severe Waterblight
Resurface While Underground Very High Gypsum Akantor will resurface at its target's location.  StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down18pxSevere Waterblight
Digging Charge While Underground Very high - Extremely High Like Odibatorasu, Gypsum Akantor will resurface its upper body and its claws while rushing towards a hunter, leaving a "river" and floating rocks behind it. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down /18pxSevere Waterblight
Underground Leap While Underground Extremely High - Fatal Gypsum Akantor will create a series of tremors, before jumping out of the ground to a target hunter. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down
Wind Tunnel

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

Very High Gypsum Akantor will plant its forelegs firmly on the ground, slightly bring its head back for a brief moment, before bringing it forward while firing a massive wind tunnel. StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ)Windblight
Sweeping Wind Tunnel Rage Only Very High Gypsum Akantor will plant its forelegs firmly on the ground, slightly bring its head back for a brief moment, before bringing it forward while firing a massive wind tunnel to its side, sweeping it across in a 70 degree arc. StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ)Windblight
Water Beam Uncommon Very High - Extremely High Gypsum Akantor will plant its forelegs firmly on the ground while gathering water in its mouth, before bringing its head forward and firing a beam of water that travels in a straight line in front of it. 18pxSevere Waterblight
Fang Uppercut Common High Gypsum Akantor will put its left claw in front of its right one whilst bringing its fangs down. After a brief delay, it swings its fangs up, hitting any hunter in its way. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down
Spinning Fang Uppercut When its target is behind it High - Very High Gypsum Akantor will turn to face a target that is behind it, before it scoops them up with its fangs. Its tail will be swung to the side. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down
Pin Attack Rare Varies Gypsum Akantor will pin a hunter with its claw, slowly crushing them and draining their health. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down
Spinning Bite and Tail Swipe Common High - Very High Gypsum Akantor will bring its body sideways, then bite in an arc, using the momentum of the bite to spin its tail around. StatusEffect-Defence Down Defence Down
Body Slam Common High Gypsum Akantor will rear up on its hind legs for a few moments, before slamming its body on the ground. None
Jump Common Very High Gypsum Akantor will position its front legs forward, and jump a considerable distance towards its target. None
Claw Swipe Uncommon High Like Odibatorasu, Gypsum Akantor will plant its right claw in front of its left, before violently dragging its left claw along the ground, causing a massive wave of water and rocks. 18pxSevere Waterblight
Roar 1st sight / Transition into Rage mode High Gypsum Akantor will rear up on its hind legs and roar loudly, damaging any hunter that is too close with a gigantic shockwave. None
Taunt Randomly done fter perfoming any attack Moderate

Gypsum Akantor will roar in the air (not requiring earplugs) will slamming its tail on the ground behind it, dealing moderate damage to hunters.


Attacks when underwater (Area 2 of the Delphic Caverns)

Attack Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Bite and Tail Spin Very Common High Gypsum Akantor bites at a hunter in front of it, then spins around to swing at them with its tail. 18pxSevere Waterblight
Swimming Rush Very Common High - Very High Gypsum Akantor will quickly swim towards its target. This attack has exactly the same speed and hitboxes as the regular charge on land. None
Stomp Very Common High - Very High Gypsum Akantor must be on the seafloor to perform this attack; Gypsum Akantor will raise its right foreleg and slam it down hard on the seafloor. None
Super Bite Common Very High - Extremely High Gypsum Akantor must be on the seafloor to perform this attack; Gypsum Akantor will open its mouth to a terrifying 180 angle as it faces its target. After a brief moment, it lunges forward at them and snaps its jaws shut. 18pxSevere Waterblight
Wind Beam 1 Very Common Very High Gypsum Akantor will face its target, bring its head back, then fire a wind beam straight forwards after a brief moment. StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ)Windblight
Wind Beam 2 Common Extremely High Gypsum Akantor will face its target, bring its head to the side, and fires a wind beam that it sweeps across 360 degrees. StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ) Windblight
Wind Beam 3 Common Very High - Extremely High Gypsum Akantor will raise its head, gather energy, then fire a wind beam vertically while it brings its head down to face the seafloor, with the beam also travelling with it. StatusEffect-Windblight (MHZ)Windblight
Whirlpool Very Common Very High Gypsum Akantor will suck in huge amounts of water while bringing its head back. After a few moments, it spits the water out as a gigantic underwater whirlpool. 18pxSevere Waterblight
Dark Beam Common High - Very High Gypsum Akantor will raise its head in a circular motion. After a few seconds, it fires a dark, hazy beam which is so powerful, that the recoil makes its head thrash around, causing the beam to be swung wildly. 18pxDarkblight
Dark Aura Common Very High - Extremely High Gypsum Akantor will gather dark energies for a few seconds. After the channel, it will roar while facing the surface (requires HGE's) while surrounding itself with black electricity.   18px Darkblight
Dive Common Moderate Gypsum Akantor will dive down and settle on the seafloor on all fours. While diving, it may hit hunters with its claws, tusks, or tail. Any attacks it does while on the seafloor will inflict Severe Waterblight. 18px Severe Waterblight With any attack performed on the seafloor
Roar Transition into Rage Mode High  Gypsum Akantor will roar loudly while raising its head in a circular motion. Any hunter without HGE's that are too close to it will be damaged. None