Guretodoramu (Belly Drummer Pelagus)

Main data

Name Japanese  Title Element Sts Effects* Weakness


The Jungle Drum Deaf (New) 18px / 18px
No Picture yet


Weakpoints / Breakable Body Parts:

Head: 28 (Cut) / 34 (Blunt) / 38 (Bullets) Can be broken with Cut or Blunt Damage.

Back: 40 (Cut) / 38 (Blunt) / 33 (Bullets) Can be scarred with Cut Damage.

Belly: 35 (Cut) / 30 Blunt) / 20 (Bullets)

Front Claws: 32 (Cut) / 38 (Blunt) Can be broken with Blunt Damage.

Front Legs: 15 (Cut) / 25 (Blunt)

Back Legs: 15 (Cut) / 25 (Blunt)

Tail: 45 (Cut) / 20 (Blunt) Can be cut with Cut Damage.


Guretodoramu live in large jungles and oasis-like environments. In their habitat they have nearly no natural opponents and only few can endanger them. Additional to that, it is clear if you enter an area ruled by an Guretodoramu, because the loud drums can be heard from miles away.


  • Attack 1: Diving Bodyslam (Low/High/G): Guretodoramu jumps upwards and comes slamming down with his belly. Causes minor earthquake effects. Medium Damage.
  • Attack 2: Fist Bump (Low/High/G): The Guretodoramu extends himself as far as he can and tries to punch a hunter with his fist. Has a high range (About 2 times the length of Guretodomaru). Medium Damage.
  • Attack 3: "Goin' Apeshit" (Low/High/G): When enraged, the Guretodoramu will sometimes lose control and start to drum his belly and smashes the ground in close proximity with his fists. Extremely High Damage. But easily avoidable.
  • Attack 4: Left-Right Combo (Low/High/G): The Guretodoramu will swing his fists from left to right while advancing. When enraged, this can be chained into a Sonic Drum Slam. Medium Damage.
  • Attack 5: "Play the Jungle Drums" (Low/High/G): The Guretodoramu starts to drum his belly in fast succession, creating a shockwave similar to the roar of a Diablos. Knocks back and causes low damage in close proximity. Causes Deaf when hit in close proximity. In medium proximity, earplugs are required.
  • Attack 6: Sonic Drum Slam (Low/High/G): The Guretodoramu bulges up his belly, sucking in insane amounts of air. Afterwards he will raise up his fists and slam his belly, causing him to roar in an extreme fashion, creating a wind tunnel in a straight line over an extreme distance. Fatal Damage. Causes Deaf. When enraged, he can do a second slam on his body to increase the width of the wind tunnel. Rarely used.
  • Attack 7: Drum Solo (High/G): The Guretodoramu starts to drum his belly in a rhythmic fashion, causing Shakalaka to appear because they think it is their tribal war drum. The Shakalaka might attack the Guretodoramu. Sometimes... other things are attracted to the sound of the drums.
  • Attack 8: Left-Right-Smash (High/G): The Guretodoramu performs his normal Left-Right Combo attack, but afterwards he uses the force of his arm swings to perform an elbow smash on the ground. Causes small earthquake. High Damage when hit by the Elbow Smash.
  • Attack 9: Sonic Drum Scatter (G): The Guretodoramu performs the same preparations as for his Sonic Drum Slam, but after filling his body with air he does small slaps on his belly and spits each time a small pressure shot in a straight line. Guretodoramu can aim while he performs this, following a hunter. Medium Damage per Shot. Guretodoramu becomes fatigued afterwards.


The Guretodoramu is while standing on all four legs, around 6 feet high and while standing on two legs about 9 feet high. His fur is of an dark green with highlights of an lighter green.

The Head of Guretodomaru features dark blue eyes with an insanely intelligent look, suggesting that this creature is more than meets the eye. Additionally a broad nose is featured in that face tinted in a very light pink.

Around his neck heavy beard growth appears, the older a Guretodomaru the longer becomes the beard, there were scientists who claimed they saw a Guretodomaru shaving his beard with a sharpened stone.

Another striking feature of the Guretodoramu is his belly, featuring a bleak white tint and black shadings on it, this belly is the main defense of him.

Being able to cause explosion like shockwaves with his enormous belly, the Guretodoramu is an formidable opponent.

His front legs feature huge fists, suggesting that his main self-defense is punching. But the front legs are mostly used for drumming the white belly.

The Back legs are strong and sturdy, hinting that the Guretodoramu is capable of sitting on his back legs for longer durations.

The female Guretodoramu have no beard and appear to have smaller fists and greyish-colored bellies.

When enraged, the guretodoramu's belly becomes the pattern of an angry face and the veins on his fists start pumping even faster, showing the veins on his arms.


Guretodoramu are highly territorial, allowing no other primate or potential opponent to even rest in its territory. This causes often fights with kongalala or even green kongalala.

In those fights the Guretodoramu will use his enormous fists and his belly drum to intimidate or even kill his opponent.

Guretodoramu drum's are strong enough to shatter lumber with their frequency when drummed hard enough.

Guretodoramu are extremely proud and prideful, angering one can cause him to follow the aggravator for miles without ever stopping.

In the Food Chain, the Guretodoramu is on the same level or a bit above the green kongalala, eating everything from bananas, small insects to sometimes even moss when hungry.

Guretodoramu rarely endanger villages or cities, because of their hang of staying deep in the jungle

In mating season, male Guretodoramu will drum their belly to attract females, the male with the best drumming skills gets the female.


New Status Effect: Deaf - Hunters suffering from Deaf are unable to discern monster sounds from their surroundings, they will hear a loud high-pitched tone all the time and their field of vision is distorted. Lasts around 15 Seconds.

Drum Solo - What Monsters can appear - List: Kongalala, Green Kongalala, Qurupeco, Shakalaka and Shakalaka King.

Der Name Guretodoramu bedeutet Große Trommel / Great Drum.



Armor and Weapons:




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