Great Uraggi
Nicknames: G. Uraggi
Titles: Raptor Lord Wyvern, The Wings of Disaster
Other Info
Description: A bird wyvern with a raptor body shape and large wings
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Deserted Island, Tower, Verdant Forest, Dune Mountains
Other monsters in Relation: Great Jaggi, Rathalos
Elements: None
Ailments: Paralysis
Weaknesses: Ice on head
Signature move: Flying Swoop
Creator: Imrik
 Great Uraggi is a new Bird Wyvern introduced in Season 3 of Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. Unlike all "Raptor" Bird Wyverns, it has a large pair of red wings which it can use to fly with a strange amount of skill.


"A newly found species of Bird Wyvern with relation to the common Jaggi. The strange clawed head crests are stunning, but no way near as fascinating as the pair of bright red wings on its back! The monster can fly with a surprising amount of skill, and can hover for over a day without needing a rest. Its claws and head crests contain a paralysing toxin."

Great Uraggi is a far larger wyvern than the usual Great Jaggi and sports a vivid red skin with two large wings on its back. These wings are bigger than even some wyverns like Rathalos and Rathian, and are often related to disaster in certain cultures. They have four crests on their heads, two on the top, two on the bottom, one left and right respectively. These crests contain powerful organs that carry paralysing toxins, that also allow the claws to secrete this venom. The toxin is more powerful than that of a Baleful Gigginox.


  • Its head crests can be broken twice, body scarred, both wings punctured and its tail can be severed and carved.
    • It is the only Raptor Bird Wyvern with a severable tail.
    • Breaking the head crests once reduced the effect of the Paralysis effect, breaking them again nullifies its use.
  • Great Uraggi's wings cause Wind Pressure (Hi), but only when enraged.

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