Great Flabbi

Great Flabbi

Equipped with rolls of orange fat and an electric blue tail this two star monster is at best a curiosity and at worst a laugh riot. However it is perfectly capable of killing the nooby hunter. In most respects it is similar to the Great Wroggi (without throat sac), but it is larger and bulbous flesh covers up most of its eyes.( Like the face of a mutt.) and rolls of fat are globbed on its body. It also possesses catfish like whiskers on its face which it uses to sense opponents. When G.Flabbi roars it shows off two giant buck teeth reminiscent of a rabbit's. Great Flabbi is found in the desert and volcano.


Great Flabbi is the first monster to use the oil element. When blighted by this substance, hunters will not be able to use hunting horns, or paintballs, and whetting weapons will take longer. In addition the hunter will appear peachy grey, as if greased up. Common attacks include inflating it's tail and smacking it down vertically, a body check, and a sweating move, where G. Flabbi stays in one place and releases large globs of fat. When enraged Great Flabbi will puff up its fatty body and its fat pockets become slightly violet in colour. In this state not only do all of its attacks inflict Oil blight, but it gains a charge attack where it apparently runs towards the hunter, then looses balance, and topples upon him or her. 

drops/ equips

Low rank:

  • Flabby hide LG (low grade, you get high grade from gigginox)
  • Flabbi dew
  • Sandy blubber (only when you break it's fat rolls)
  • Flabbi top jaw (only when you break its buck teeth)
  • Flabbi tail (rare...must break tail (but do not sever)
  • Fatty tail fragment (occurs when you accidentally sever its tail instead of simply breaking it)

High rank

  • Flabbi galruby
  • turpid fluid
  • Desert Spirit gem (rare more common with desert leviathans)
  • Majestic azure tail
  • Desert chompers (break teeth)
  • Flabbi whiskers

Flabbi armour set skills: (Female armor looks kinda like lagombi armour, except it is orange with turquoise streaks, and male version looks like baggi armor except puffier, and with the texture of ludroth armor)

evasion -1, sharpener -1, heat res high, cold res low, hunger +1(Stamina bar shortens slower)