Monster Description

Great Anacondrex


English Name: Great Anacondrex

Japanese Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Unknown

Titles: Tyrant Bird Wyvern Leader, Paralizer Wyvern Snake


Class: Bird Wyvern

Character: Agressive

Family: (new family on Bird Wyverns) Snake Bird Wyvern

Monster Ecology

Elements: Paralisis

Special Powers: Paralisis

Monster Aliments: Herbivores, Pelagus, Bird Wyverns

Herbivores: Aptanoth, Popo, Anteka, Zuwarosopu, Renoplos

Pelagus: Bullfango, Bulldrome, Aoashira, Urcusis, Rangurotora

Bird Wyverns: Gagua, Qurupeco

Monster Habitat: ?

Other Homes: ?

Monsters In Relation: Jaggi, Jagia, Baggi, Furogi, Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Great Furogi

Great Anacondrex, why is called like that? because, to be a Great Anacondrex, need to be a great (dangerous, brave against predators, have to always control his minions, a good fighter, and the most larger neck,) lider, his name classification, Great (when turn into a lider) -Anacond-(his large tail and neck, looks like a walker Anaconda [because has feets]) -rex- because need to be too Tyranical, like Tyranosaur Rex, for his minions.

He has a large neck because to hunt Wyverns that can fly (Bird Wyverns, such as qurupeco, he jumps at 20 meters altitude to catch up the prey), if thats not enough, on air he use fastly his large neck, and he use his strong jaws to bit hardener his prey, then with his fangs, he pass the paralisis to the prey, to paralize it.

At the end of the tail, there's a sting, Great Anacondrex need to use that sting to paralize enemies and his dams, if you try to hunt Great Anacondrex, don't uderestimate him, is not so easier like others, Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Great Furogi. He is one of the most stronger Bird Wyverns.

When he anoyed, he turns into a orange yellow, some parts, like deviljho, and he makes all atacks sayed but with more speed, anger, fury, and make more damage, thats why is Tyrant Bird Wyvern Leader.

Monster Movements

When Great Anacondrex, looks his prey, he goes scilencely behind him, then he shoot paralisis with his mouth, and he call his minions, (Great Anacondrex, have 2 calls, 1 for help [ calling minions], 2 to make an advertence that in his area he is, is secured and to eat what is hunted).

He make a tail fast atack (2nd atack)... when he is in front of a prey, he make like the nargacuga's tail atack, move the tail to a half turn around to hit his prey with his sting, and prey is paralized. and he make too the fisical atacks, like all Great Jaggis, Baggis, Furogis.

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