Nicknames: Grade
Titles: Mountain Hunting Dog
Other Info
Description: A canine that uses heat producing ore as armor and weapon.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: Cloudy Mountain, Boreal Plains
Other monsters in Relation: Dragios
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight, Crystalized.
Weaknesses: Ice, Water.
Signature move: Fire Meteor.
Creator: User:YukiHaze
Gradios(Crystallinus Lupus) is a Canid of the genus Canis known for the flaming crystal armor recolected from ore veins for protection.


Gradios has a body-build similar to that of a Gray Wolf, larger than the Zinogre.

It uses heat crystals known as Firefang Ore for armor, gathering the ore by touching it with his body while producing a special liquid that has enough power to stick the ore into the skin.

The skin of a Gradios is strong enough to stand the heat, fire and explosions produced by the ore.

By channeling the power of the ore by means unknown, it is capable of unleashing powerful melee attacks, including his signature, in which it jumps and slams a wide area with its back, creating a big explosion.


Super Spin: Gradios multiple spins that generate a explosion upong hitting a hunter or monster.

Rat Hunt: start hitting the hunter with the front legs, generating explosions each time his paws collide with the floor.

Savage Eater: Gradios tries to chomp the hunter repeatedly.

Fire Meteor: Jumps and land with its back, generating a big explosion.

Under Construction


  • There have been sightings of ice crystal, but these are dennied by the guild.
  • Old scriptures talk about tamed Gradios, but all efforts by the guild to time a young Gradios have failed.

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