Golden Alatreon is a new monster which is related to Alatreon. It controls the following elements: Fire, Water, Thunder, Dragon, and the new element, Rust. It's signature move is Metallic Field, in which a huge Rust colored field rises and forms around the two most powerful hunters. It will also cause splash damage to anyone else in range.


These creatures, despite their massive power, can be killed by the dreaded Fyrulosor. Other than that, no creature except maybe normal Alatreon, Fatalis family, or Kushala Daora could defeat one. They prey on anything they can catch, and since they can catch virtually anything, this is much.

Their main attack method is Flying Sweep, in which they fly high above their prey and proceed to sweep down upon it, capturing it in its talons. It will then grip it with its jaws and rip the prey apart, without the least bit struggle. Its saliva is an extremely potent paralysis agent, but it leaves the victim only paralyzed--they can still feel all the pain.

They tend to sleep in dark, cool caves around the volcanic craters of their dwelling.


Related to Alatreon, Jade Alatreon, and Ice Alatreon.

Ecological Niche

They prey on anything they can catch, but can be preyed on by a very old and powerful Fyrulosor.

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