Wilolu Life

An Aptonoth is cornered by a pack of Wroggis, the Great wroggi giving out a roar. But as it was about to give an order to its pack, A large shape jumped from the cliff above, and lands right in front of the Great Wroggi, and slashes at its venom sac with its large claws, before using said claws to stab the Raptorial Bird Wyvern in the underbelly, lifting it up off the ground. The rest of the wroggi pack scatter, knowing that their leader was killed instantly. The Aptonoth in question ran as well. The terror in the screeches of the Wroggi pack seem to say repeatedly "The Death Eater is here!", as they ran.

A few minutes later, The Wilolu is seen licking it's chops after devouring Most of, if not all of the flesh of the Great Wroggi that it killed, before giving a roar of dominance!

And it was still hungry...


Wilolu vs Deviljho: Battle of the Hungry entities

It was a relatively peaceful morning in the tundra. The popos grazed on the tundra plants, Anteka munching on shrubs. But the peace is quickly disturbed when a Wilolu suddenly crashes through one of the trees nearby. The herd scatter. Then a deviljho comes out of the nearby woods, and roars.

The Wilolu gets up on its feet. Giving a roar of challenge. The deviljho tries to pin the Wilolu with a pin attack, but the wilolu was quicker, and dodges the assault. The wilolu circles the deviljho wit it's speed, Swiping it with dragon element covered claws. 

The deviljho refused to let itself be defeated by the mammal. It swipes it's fat tail at the beast, sending it tumbling towards a nearby Icy wall. The deviljho was closing in for the final kill.

But the Wilolu had one thing on its side: Cunning!

It got out of the way when the Deviljho was close enough for it's new plan to work, and sticked the underbelly of the Deviljho with its long claws. The Deviljho seemed to roar in denial as the claws tore deeper into the Brute wyverns flesh. Then the Wilolu made a final thrust into the Deviljho's heart, ending it's misery.....

Then a few minutes later, The wilolu feasts on the Deviljho's flesh and Gives a roar of dominance...

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