Goajiroth is another creation of The Ssi-ruvi, just like Hurricurse, But is more loyal to the Ssi-ruvi, and therefore, became Hurricurse's Arch-nemisis in a short time.

General info

  • Weapon set: Longsword
  • Armor set: Black Tigrex Armor / Gore Magala Armor
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown (looks 18)


  • Hurricurse ("Brother" / Arch nemisis / ally (during MHH5))
  • Genecid ("Brother")
  • Doctor Sheritzu Takama (Creator)
  • Ssi-ruvi (kin/ Creators)
  • Dark Riders (allies)


Back Story

coming soon...

Abilities and aspects

  • Able to shapeshift, just like Hurricurse, and with the same effects.
  • His Gore Magala like Wings allow him to fly and fight.
  • Cruel and unforgiving in battle. Loves to torment his foes before he kills them.
  • Tends to not like leaving survivors in battle unless for good reason.
  • A master of Manipulation.
  • The Ssi-ruvi usually hesitate to release Goajiroth, lest he leaves no survivors to subjugate or enslave.
  • Feels no remorse for his actions.
  • Calls Hurricurse his "Brother"....
  • has a natural killer instinct.

Story appearances

Monster Hunter Hurricurse Series

Other Fan fictions

Trivia and Gojira57's Notes

  • Goajiroth's name is based on Gore Magala's original name in Romanji (Goa Magara) and the name of the Final fantasy 7 series' main villan: Sephiroth.
  • If anyone can do a render, Please tell me, as I would appreciate it.
  • Takes a role similar to Ridley from the Metroid series, in the sense that he would be "Killed" many times, but somehow comes back in some shape or form after his supposed defeat.
  • Was originaly going to be named Kuros, but Goajiroth stuck.



his intro theme is planned to be "The World's Enemy", from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII.