Nicknames: None
Titles: Feral Bear Wyvern
Other Info
Description: Ferocious Pelagus that inhabit cold and hot zones. The leaders of their packs are known as Mega Giran. They use their numbers to overpower foes and prey alike.
Species: Pelagus
Habitats: Snowy Mountains, Desert, Deep Ravine, Sunken Hollow, Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Bitter Wasteland, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Mega Giran
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Rushing Bite
Creator: Ukanlos Subspeciess

English name: Giran (JEE - ran)

Romaji: Jarigonosu

Giran are aggressive Pelagus, first introduced in the fan - made Monster Hunter Z. The alpha males of their packs are called Mega Giran.


Giran are resemble a cross between a wolf and a bear - They have a slender build, beige fur on their bodies, a long furry tail and black wisps of fur on their front paws. They have black spikes protruding from the ankles of their hind legs and a black trail of fur along their backs. Their ears are also very long, with black wisps of fur on its edges. They have white pupils and black irises. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth that curve backwards. They also possess a long, snake - like tongue that they use to attack hunters.


Giran are very territorial - attacking anything that sets into the area they are currently in. They are known for attacking large monsters many times their own size, such as Jade Barroth or Cephadrome. When a Mega Giran calls for its pack, any Giran in nearby areas will immediately rush towards the area their leader is in. They prey on a variety of herbivores, including Popo and Rhenoplos.


Giran are known to inhabit cold and hot areas.

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